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Kunai sasto ra auni din ma badna sakni stock thaha vaya share garib?

Office depot ~ 2020 election audai...Office depot may get busy ..Asti guthi ko bidhayek ko against ma vako andolan ma dherai jana lae printed paper dekhoudai hibeko dekhdha office depot pakkai busy hola jasto lagti suni din ma. But this is not trade of few days or weeks ..Several quarters. .
Happy weekend
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Wait till the Trade War deal between Xi Jing (China) and Trump (US) this weekend in G20 summit.
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MGI. Moneygram is highly undervalued IMO. It will go upto $20 in few years if things go right. They've partnered with Ripple. It might help them with their technology.
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हो र हजुर।मैंले त किनि सके। वार जे भयेपनि 2020 चुनावमा पामपलेट सबै उमेदवार ले छापनै छन जसतो लागेर
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Money gram~ quarterly report highlights

we’re acquiring customers by launching digital products in new markets. These products are attracting new customers who have never previously used MoneyGram and we’re excited about strong user adoption, which has enabled us to achieve a year-over-year increase in online transactions outside the United States of 107%.

Approximately 50 million people use MoneyGram annually and we’re focused on growing that base through these four initiatives and many others
an age where many companies are valued based on their number of users regardless of profitability, I would argue that we have one of the lowest valuations on a per user basis of any company regardless of industry.

In an age where many companies are valued based on their number of users regardless of profitability, I would argue that we have one of the lowest valuations on a per user basis of any company regardless of industry.

MoneyGram Plus Rewards, is growing at an accelerated pace and exceeding expectations.

for the first time, brought digital capabilities to two new markets, including Canada and Chile.

we achieved over 100% year-over-year increase in online transactions outside the U.S. and importantly, despite introductory pricing, we still saw over 30% increase in digital revenue outside of the United States

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"हो र हजुर।मैंले त किनि सके।....."

Thats the irony. You already had your answer.
You already bought your stock. You have already invested your money. You are still asking for suggestions and wasting your own and other's time.
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हैंन। अरु पनि कमपनी के छ भनेर।
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"Penny Stocks" are very risky. But if you are still willing to take risk with your money, then Tech and Pharma (Biotech) are the best growth stocks. Merger and Acquisitions can increase their price overnight.
Bridgebio Pharma and Dova Pharmaceuticals could potentially be such.
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If you really want to make money buy SNAP, TWTR, LYFT, PIN. You will make thousands and thousands of dollars.
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Lol for Lol.
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धन्यवाद ज्ञापन देएर सम्मानित गरे सबैलाई।
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Listened to a few of these. There are over 100 episodes. This trader lost every year for 8 years until he figured out a simple method of shorting pump and dump stocks and making a list of over 200 stocks that resemble pump and dump acticity at some point and he would go and short flying pigs with smaller bets on each...might be useful to some watching these interviews. Check out. I am still with ODP and few more but will try out shorting the pigs myself in coming days will post my short trades when it happens
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Buy NIO- considered as tesla of China. Top popular 100 stocks in robinhood right now.
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@lopchandai $ you like them now? They had sold equity to the blockchain company @4.1/share last Q. Current price $2.5...Thats a lot of premium they paid. I bought some shares. Strong brand. Lets see how they do in coming quarters..

Also during the quarter, the Company obtained an equity infusion of $30 millionand entered into a commercial agreement with Ripple, a provider of enterprise blockchain solutions for global payments. Ripple purchased the newly-issued equity from MoneyGram at $4.10 per share, a significant premium to MoneyGram's market price at the time of the investment. The investment agreement provides the Company with an option to sell up to $20 million of additional equity to Ripple through June 30, 2020.  The commercial agreement allows MoneyGram to utilize Ripple's xRapid blockchain product, as well as XRP, Ripple's cryptocurrency, to facilitate cross-border settlement. The Company expects that this will reduce working capital needs and have the potential to generate additional earnings and cash flow.

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Saathi ho Amazon ma review lekhnus. Saman pani free ma aaucha ani commission pani paincha. Mero monthly lag bug 1 hajar kamai huncha. Afulie na chaine saman sabai Facebook Marketplace ma sasto ma bechdinchu.
Signup garnus
Amazon account link garnus
Saman kinnus
PayPal marfat refund ani commission pani
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Added more ODP...@ 1.70. At 10 cents per year in divi..happy to collect 8.5% divi...while waiting for the upside. Divi has been consistent since few years.
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Office Depot ..strengthening up
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