Gautam Buddha Stadium Issue
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Have you been watching ICC 2019? Nepal could be playing instead of Afghanistan. We definitely need to focus on cricket as a country.
About the Gautam Buddha Stadium- I think locals are getting greedy. The land value in Chitwan skyrocketed once Dhurmus Suntali Foundation decided to build a stadium in that area. Land owners should definitely get fair price for their land, but not like Rs 1.5 karod per aana or whatever.
In my opinion, they should move the stadium to somewhere else. Chitwan is already famous for many things.
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How old are you? Your comment is very immature. LMAO
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I'm old enough to smell the bullshit when i see it. 

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Tea Talk,
Let me share my opinion in another way,

Any significant project start with , a) project needs, b) planning/programming/funding, c) right a way clearance, d) socio-environmental clearance , e) design , f) construction and finally handover to maintenance.
In our country direct design and construction (e &f) no maintenance no planning so lots of complication happened for sure.

who can fix this?
Politician, national planning, minister, and high government officials but apparently all are mediocre .....

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Just move the stadium to Pokhara please. Not that I am not giving to Chitwan stadium, I would personally donate 5K for Pokhara though. PKR actually loves sports. Also, it is far more beautiful than hot and stinky Chitwan.

Fact of the matter is normal Nepalis do not care for sports or at least don't realize sports is as essential as a hospital or a school. Otherwise you would not see someone drawing parallel between cricket stadium and Moon exploration.

Like I said before in this topic elsewhere, Nepali elites do not want this project to be successful, its a multi million dollar project, they want the big piece of the pie for themselves. can't give it to a Non profit. Add one more group into the list of stadium haters now - Nepali soccer mafia and their cronies. Simply can't let their dominance, their politics inside the sports subside anytime soon - even though their team can beat virtually nobody in the whole world, well except Bhutan maybe.
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Lol soaltee bro, pokhara ma tyahi bandai gareko airport banda garna manchey haru tattiyieko chan, existing stadium ma jhadi palako cha , kata laney ho naya stadium.

I have seen the government seizing land of locals first hand. I personally know couple of people who could have been millionaires, but the shit storm brought by airport in pokhara displaced them to street. The last extension ( a year ago ) , a guys lost his property third time to airport. If you can not afford the land , you should not build a shit there, you do not deserve it. I do support building infrastructures and I do not agree that stadium should not be build when there are hospitals to be built. Development goes side by side, but to confiscate someone's home and not paying price that the community is asking for is just a bullshit way of stealing peoples home like in old Hindi movies. If they are asking high price, it is their freaking home, stay the fuck away if you cannot afford it. I think they did decent work on rebuilding after earthquake , but this is something opposite. They placed people who lost home back to their home that time, now they are stealing their home. About the billions budget on stdaum, fk that. I would rather let them have it than some politicians who do not do jack sht.
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It's an egg/chicken situation. If people find out about a stadium being built, they will artificially increase the price of their land (as they are entitled to), but without land there will be no stadium. The stadium also needs to be build in a place which is accessible, so remote places are out of the question. It is indeed a very complicated situation. Ideally, they should do a viability study, calculate IRR/NPV etc. to make sure that the project is even feasible and maybe invite people to invest by issuing shares. Then buy a big chunk of land at a market price. If it just done for sake of glorifying Gautam Buddha, it will end badly. In today's world commercial success is really important for any project to be sustainable especially a project this big.
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Just wondering were you scared to express you view ujl that you had to delete it?
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