TX Driver Licence Renwal
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I went yesterday to renew my license under the new federal schedule would said that TPS was extended until March 2020 but when I got there and I had my driver license renewed they only gave me a new drivers license till August 23 of 2019 what’s going on do you think it has not updated in the USCIS system yet very confused
my old Dl should’ve expired 06-23-19
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Well the best way to do the renewal is by taking the FEDERAL NOTICE with you. I got mine renewed today and it was for 3/2020. Good luck
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where did you have it renwed ? i did take the federal notice but the system came back with that date instead
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Mine was done in Columbus, Ohio. My DL got renewed for the whole extension period. My BMV simply took the copy of my DL, EAD and the Federal notice and no other issues were presented. May be this might be a state thing? but i highly doubt that. You should check with them and make sure if they understood the Federal Notice.
Manko Sathi
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try dc area
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Texas DPS uses SAVE verification to determine the legal status for non-citizen, for some reason initial verification only show TPS status valid for next three months, so you need to ask them to do open a secondary SAVE verification case, which takes 2 weeks and DPS will mail you once SAVE case is done. You can also check SAVE case online and visit DPS once done. Good Luck
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