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So with Federal Notice set to publish today, do you think we should immediately apply for EAD and Advance Parole? or wait a few weeks? Suggestions are appreciated!!

Thank you!
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Sexy In Sari
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USCIS already updated all require info on validity of Nepal TPS till March 24, 2020.
And Yes, you can apply for new EAD now, today.

Good luck!
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EAD automatically extended through March 24, 2020. No need to apply for new EAD.
Sexy In Sari
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@NepaliNajar: Tero Kukuur khaney brain...

EAD is not require to renew if you have been working for the same company, HR just need to update I9 base on Federal register.

BUT, sometimes, if you are in need of financial transactions, bank requires you to have physical proof of immigration status, at that time, your expired EAD won't work. You need a valid any Federal ID. Driver license DON'T SHOW your immigration status.

In MARYLAND, if you need a driver license valid for Federal purpose, then you MUST SHOW UNEXPIRED EAD CARD, GREEN CARD ANYTHING WITH PHOTO ON IT. SO EXPIRED EAD WON'T WORK.

TPS HOLDER can buy property, but must show Federal ID with picture, which is valid EAD, expired EAD won't work.


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Please dont fight! People who wants to apply for new ead its their choice and like Sexy in sari mentioned some of us do need new ead to renew our driver License or maybe show the new ead to apply for new job.

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No need to apply for ead. It's automatically extended. I renewed my license with expired ead and a federal notice. And also got into a new job with those 2 documents.
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Did you renew your license in texas?
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No in Massachusetts
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I felt that TPS will not going to end for some years. I hope, it will be as I thought.
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Does anyone know if we can renew license in texas with the federal notice?
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Where is the link in for federal notice in uscis
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Last edited: 11-May-19 01:05 PM
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Could anyone tell me what are the documents needed for applying EAD. It would be autoextended and would not require to apply for new updated EAD but just for the sake of having documentation for various purpose like DL and all, I would like to apply.
I was just thinking of having
i765, EAD copy and TPS last time extenstion approval notice, Money Order.
Anything else recommended ?
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Greencard hune hoina no use of staying here trump is yr president
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I have renewed my license in Texas with an expired EAD. The DPS checks validity of your status in a federal database. If the database is updated, your license will be renewed. If not, DPS will issue an inquiry of your status. You will receive the result of that inquiry in your mail in about 15 days. You need to take that result to the DPS and they will renew your license. This is my first hand experience.
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Hey@DXdx67, Did you go through the program called SAVE? Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program? And if you did how did you approach your DMV? I live in Ohio and i have to renew my DL as well. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.
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Has USCIS stated which address we can apply for EAD with March 2020 end date? or is it the same one on the previous Federal Registry notice?
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I am thinking of this address from :

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Attn: TPS Nepal
P.O. Box 6943
Chicago, IL 60680-6943

Correct me if it is different address. Could you also let me know what documents you plan to send ?
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I just went to DMV(DPS in texas) to renew my license. They issued the inquiry on my behalf. The answer to the inquiry was sent to my address in a document. I took that document to the same DPS and then they renewed my license. I dont remember if it was the SAVE program or not. My suggestion would be to go to a DMV office and ask them how to proceed. Try finding a DMV office in area where the officers are likely to be familiar with these issues. Usually, DMVs in rural area and small towns are not familiar with these issues.
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I was thinking the same address, wanted to confirm if they have any other address published specifically. Planning to send Form I765, check for $410, and copy of last EAD.
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