Relocating to NC, Charlotte or Greensboro… Suggestion please
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ramaelo Nepal
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Happy Friday Folks!

I am almost 7 years old to US and have been working as Software Developer for last 5 years. From last 2 year, I am working as full-time employee in Northern VA. I am planning to relocate to NC, Charlotte or Greensboro because I want to settle down specially buy home. I am family guy and was not able to afford home/Condo here in VA with my salary.
Guys, I have started applying jobs over there. From my analysis, I think NC is best place for family person like me. What are the pros and cons for this relocation? Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thank you in advance.
Tyo Din
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Ma especially Nepali people ko context ma vandaichu..
Pros: 1) Affordable homes. Rent is also cheap. Cost of living is very low in comparison to VA 2) Lot of Nepali and Bhutanese Nepali in both places. (I heard that there is Weekly Nepali Farmers Market by Bhutanese Nepali in Greensboro area like Nepali hart bazaar) 3) Job Market is good for IT people especially in Charlotte 4) Buying home (selling home after long time) will be good in terms of business. 5) Lot of Desi people, so lot of good School areas

Cons: 1) Very few places to hang around. 2) Traffic is worst in Charlotte 3) Small airport in Greensboro area so air fare is expensive 4) Lot of Desi people in Charlotte area( you may not like that)
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Hello, ramaelo Nepal
I am also planning to move there did some initial research last year. If you are thinking of buying home then probably, Greensboro or Charlotte would be the best bet.
Wells Fargo, BOA and Duke Energy normally has a lot of openings.

The other option would be RTP Area for jobs and settle down either in Cary, Morrisville or Apex Area. Durham has BCBS if you are from Healthcare Background.

Please feel free to share your findings in the group here.

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Texas is hot. East Coast is expensive and their weather is ass. West coast is nice but crazy expensive and their politics stinks. Mid west is boring. Who in their right mind would want to settle down in South? That leaves very few decent places in option. So, North Carolina does seem like the best choice. Do update us when/if you ever moved and how you like it. Thanks.
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I moved to RTP area  (Apex, NC ) from Northern Virginia area.
I did quite a bit of research and finally decided to move to NC cuz of many things . Northern Virginia was good but too expensive housing , even a decent townhouse costs $550k or more and the traffic can be worst depending on where your work is. People live as far as Aldie or Haymarket , that’s way too far if you’ve a job in Fairfax , Reston , Tyson corner etc.

East coast - cold and expensive and old houses.
Texas - like soaltee said , Very Hot
I never want to live in south .. Midwest very boring and cold.

North Carolina fit very well in terms of job , weather and affordability . Lots of people moving into Cary/Morrisville /Apex .. it’s flooded with Indians . That’s one thing I am not a big fan of. I would rather see more diversity but it feels like all New Jersey Indians are moving to NC.
But , very good schools and houses are very good, new construction everywhere and definitely a good place for family.
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@ Frustu- What are your pros of choosing RTP (Apex, NC) over Charlotte?
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I live in Charlotte. I like this place in certain ways. Its good to raise the family compared to other states. The schools ratings are good. But also its not much diversed as compared to other states like Texas, Virginia, california, Newyork etc. so you might feel racism in some extent. But its groiwing though. The work environment is pretty diversed. The more south you go the more racism you will feel, i think thats how it is. Talking about traffic coming form Virginia is not that bad. Not as bad as Virginia. But if you come to work early and leave early to beat the traffic you wont face as much traffic. The houses are getting expensive compared to last year.

According to Zillow, Charlotte is considered as fourth-hottest U.S. housing market in 2018. The median home value in Charlotte is $212,100. Charlotte home values have gone up 8.9% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 6.5% within the next year.

The weather is not that bad. It does snow in Charlotte. The summer is not that hot 90`s max. If you are into nature and hiking, its a great place. There are lot of parks and recreational area. The public transportation sucks. You need a reliable transportation.

Charlotte uptown is great for night life if you like that. There are lot of breweries, live music, bars etc. Beach (myrtle beach) is three hours from here. If you want to be in the Nepali community i would recommend cary, Morrisville area.

Good luck !!
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