Anybody coming to Dallas from KTM via Seoul (Incheon Airport) on Korean and American airlines!
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Hi, My mom can't speak any language other than Nepalese. She needs help to change planes from Korean air (terminal 2) to American airlines (terminal 1) at Incheon airport, Seoul. If any Nepalese is leaving Kathmandu for Dallas on May 13 via the same route, could you help her to change terminals in Seoul!
Thank you very much for your help.

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My Dad coming the same route but on May 17. Why don't you add assistance to your ticket so that someone at the airport assists your mom to the next terminal?
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Thank you stylish for your reply. I have requested wheelchair assistance. But, from previous experience, I know even that is not good enough. While going back to Nepal on her last trip, she was lost in Chicago airport. The wheelchair guy did not take her to the next terminal rather dropped her in the airport train stop. She found some gentleman from India to help her, but she missed the flight.
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There is a long layover and she should be fine. Please consider preparing a card with flight and terminal details she can show it to others and ask for directions just in case the wheelchair assistance is not sufficient.

You can also add images to her phone with each image containing both Nepali and English text about common requests she may need to make at the airport.

Wheelchair assistants did the same to my mom exactly in Chicago although she managed to get her flight to DC. Blame the tip culture in the US. I think the wheelchair assistant thought that my mom would not tip. Assistants in the rest of the countries do their jobs without tips. I definitely trust Koreans.
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Thank you _ for your suggestions. Will definitely follow what you said.
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