Can I even find a job by myself? please advise
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Hi everyone,
I have been thinking a lot about finding a job without going through any consultancy. I get two kinds of suggestions:
1) Try to find an internship, use LinkedIn and other websites. I have only 4 months of internship experience in IT.
2) Go through a consultancy. And you know how consultancies work. I don't feel comfortable adding many years of experiences.

Please advise me what would be the best thing to do or what would you do in this case ( I don't have a green card)?
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No you can’t go to a consultancy they will back you up
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in my case i did both.. went to a consultancy and kept applying on side.. Got job and left the consultancy by giving them some bullshit reason.. i had 0 yrs of experience and no GC at that time. i got lucky... i'd definitely suggest doing both since you don't have a GC and time is of essence...
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Hi Archer,

How did you find it or what websites did you use? Could you give more info or tips.

Thank you
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i forgot to ask wouldn't that be many resumes?
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What is your backgrounds advice_7?
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Desiopt does resume blast I heard .you might find that helpful
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@advice_7 i used a lot of different websites.. mostly though. I used my own real resume with 0 experience for the ones i was applying and let consultancy do its thing. When i got interview date, i was legit confused about which resume i applied with.. in fact i asked the HR to send me resume since just to be sure and told them i had been working on the updating my resume and wanted to make sure they got the right one.. :D
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For a time being what you can even do it buy one phone app that provides you a different number.. use that for your own resume with 0 experience.. when someone calls that number you would know that its a call for your legit ones.. if you get a call on regular number.. you know who it is..
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Why not keep an Excel spreadsheet record to be more organized. For example see below:

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thanks guitarcenter , but do you know any app? How much do they cost? I haven't heard of that before. And what do you mean by "if you get a call on regular number.. you know who it is"?
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archer, I have been trying with my few months of internship experience but no luck. Did you get a job through indeed? wouldn't that be suspicious to ask to send your own resume? I thought about that too
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Nepalinajar, my have few months of experience as a front end developer.
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ujl thanks for the effort. It could come handy. I am thinking about how to make my real resume appealing to find a job by myself.
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Sideline, Line2, Hushed are some. They are like I believe 4.99 or 5.99 per month. So when you get the call in their number, it will come in app itself. Advantage: they are cheap. Drawbacks mayyyyy be not forward able, no merging, and if u decide to cancel the service due to inconvenience due to its drawbacks, then you might have to update the number in your resume. The number is gone.
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Not a response to primary question of the thread. This is about handling calls: I provided google voice numbers (with my name recorded for the voicemail greeting) and programmed calls to go directly to voicemail. I called them back after enough research about the caller.
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"_" that was very interesting. Why did you do that because you marketed resumes through a consultancy and by yourself?
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Hi @Archer,

I sent you a message.
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I don't recommend you applying for jobs from indeed or ZipRecruiter. I think they sell your PII to third party companies and you will end up getting a bunch of spam calls for an uncertain period of time. Use Indeed to find open positions and then go to that company website to apply for that job.
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200times, thank you for a great advice. What about monster, career builder? Any more tips to search for a job by myself? Thank you in advance.
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Some thoughts.

1.Get certified any Ccna,Ms,VM
2.tailor resume based on JD
3.Keep looking but also join consultancy,atleast u ll learn some things n meet people and understand what's out there is perfectly fine to go consultancy,since u know what u getting into ,still applying on the side
5 if no options other then consultancy,After one or two project, market urself
Good luck
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