Nepali women in USA
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Wherever I go in the States, I see a very small proportion of Nepali Women working in the Tech/Finance/Nursing or any other higher paying sector, while there's a fair proportion of men in the same jobs. I live somewhere in the midwest, is this common throughout the US? Just an honest question.

A lot of my friends would have preferred to marry a well employed girl here in the US, but instead had to go back and marry a girl from back home because they couldn't fine one here.

How is it in your city, do you find many gainfully employed Nepali women there? In my city there's only 2 of them.
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I know a lot of them in your "high paying sector" jobs , but as you can see compare to men not many Nepali women students in school either.
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Yes, there are lot of Educated Nepalese women with “High- income” job. Having done my bachelor & master here in US, I happen to know a lot of Nepalese ladies from my college, other college & also met many other Nepalese women via common friend circles. All of these Ladies are excelling today from career prospective as DNP (Doctor in Nurse Practice), Registered Nurses, Software Engineers, Project Managers, Accountants, about to complete PHDs with awesome job offers & some even begun their start-up ventures.

The reason they are not being found is because most of these women at this career phase will be by age of: mid 20’s to -late 20’s or- have just hit 30’s and majority of them are either married or in a committed relationship with their long-term Boyfriend from college or workplaces and those ladies who are still single also don’t have enough time to be all over the place to find their match.
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