Anyone questioning vaccines are getting banned
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Reality Check: Questioning Vaccines is a Public Health Threat?

Not all vaccines are safe for all people, at all ages, in all quantities. Full stop! There is no question that scientifically and medically, that statement can proven with ample evidence. In fact, U.S. taxpayers have compensated the families of vaccine injured children to the tune of $4 billion dollars in the past 30 years. Unfortunately, even a statement as common sense as that is treated by many online as dangerous. Now, tech companies like Facebook and Google have taken the stand to help purge the world of what they call "vaccine denial." So does that action make our society or world a safer place? No. Let's give it a Reality Check.

Posted by Ben Swann on Thursday, March 14, 2019
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This archan dude cannot think one bit with his brain so all his response deleted without even reading now. Get a different hobby than trying to convince people who can think with their own brains.

Stop being psychotic in my thread here using all profanity acting like those make your points more valid.
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I like how you explain your point. We dont' need to lose respect for each other just because we dont' agree.

Remember the Boeing 737's? Well out of hundreds of thousands of flights maybe more, 2 of them crashed so they are grounding the planes to do more diligence and research before allowing them to fly again.

It's the same thing with these vaccines, even if a small percentage of people are negatively effected they are some people's kids. Real lives are lost. Are you going to tell people go fly in that plane because only a little percent go down?
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In one of the threads, admin wrote that when you delete 2 postings from someone in a thread they won't be able to reply anymore but looks like that thing does not work. But no worries I have time to delete obstinate people from my thread
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Dude that’s Really really really. Really really really Really really really fked upppppp
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neuraologist, i am not understanding how you are connecting 737 cases with the vaccine. Dude, not flying 737 doesn't affect people's life because they have other alternatives and can fly other other airplanes but if your just stop vaccinating kids just because of few kids then you are endagering all those kid's life. I am not sure what kind of research you have done and how much you understand how vaccines works but it saves life. I am not saying because some media said so but there are actual data and facts in the internet and you can do analysis yourself.
PS: If you give me a free flight ticket of 737 to Hawaii, I will happy take it and fly with it :)
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'Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.'
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IMHO it is short sighted to not vaccinate, the risk is far higher than otherwise.
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Sajhamitra many people fall victim to the incessant propaganda about vaccinations that they start to become offensive towards others who do not want to vaccinate their kids.

They say things like you are endangering our kids by not vaccinating your kids.

The thing they forget to realize is that - if they vaccinated their kids then they are supposed to be protected from the diseases. So why are they afraid they will get the disease from some unvaccinated kid?

Chicagoan check out this link if you are trying to educate yourself about vaccination.

Last edited: 17-Mar-19 01:05 PM
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Neurologist, Man you really need to educate yourself harder. Your ignorance and your logic are way so off that it gave me flu. It is all about probability. If all of the kids in class gets vaccinated then chances of spreading is almost 0%. But if 1 child is not vaccinated then probability of spreading gets increased. Who said vaccines will 100% prevent getting disease? Dude don't watch those stupid consipracy channels on youtube. I am ending this discussion with you right now and will not respond any further because like everyone says I don't want to waste my time debating with stupid.
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Sajhamitra jyu, it's funny how you go sprouting off those fake statistics to support your non existent truth.

"all of the kids in class gets vaccinated then chances of spreading is almost 0%"
Almost 0% is not a valid piece of information. Is it 20%? 10%? 5%? What exactly is the percentage?

" if 1 child is not vaccinated then probability of spreading gets increased."
How much does the probability increase? What is your source? Or are you going to continue to make up statistics to support your own misgivings?

"Who said vaccines will 100% prevent getting disease?"
So how much percentage will the vaccines protect? How much of population needs to be vaccinated for it to work? How much are actually protected? What percentage of mercury can be ingested by human beings?

You are probably better off running away from this discussion as now your ignorance is pretty much out there in the open, but still with an option for you to defend yourself.
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BurgaFlippa for every one such links that are shared to promote vaccines, there are hundred other links of people questioning it, parents who have suffered from it. Vaccines comes with risk and if anything comes with risk, people should be able to question it and not accept them blindly.

Check this page which contains hundreds of such links
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neurologist लास्ट फुर्सदमा हो र ?
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countryboy yeah how did you guess?? I am on vacation this month. I am trying to make sure I respond to everyone
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Politicians are batshit crazy.

Take a look at what this established doctor says. You can follow him on linkedin, twitter and fb.

Dr. Jim Meehan

"I will no longer vaccinate my children...

...because I am a well trained medical doctor and former medical journal editor that has studied the vaccine research and analyzed both sides of the evidence.

...because I know how to read the medical literature, recognize bias and discern characteristics of good and fraudulent research.

...because I know that too much of the science supporting vaccines is fraudulent drivel bought and paid for by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

...because I understand the risks of vaccination as well as the benefits of my children and grandchildren encountering and overcoming the wild type diseases naturally.

...because I know that diseases like mumps, measles, and chickenpox aren't dangerous and untreatable diseases that justify the risk of injecting toxic ingredients into the tissues of my children.

...because I have seen the evidence of neurotoxicity from ingredients like aluminum, polysorbate 80, human DNA and cellular residues from the human cells lines upon which many of the live viruses are grown.

...because I've seen vaccine manufacturers like Merck promote what they knew was bad medicine for profit, kill 60,000 patients with Vioxx, and I have no reason to believe that they wouldn't do the same thing with vaccines, especially when you consider they can't be sued when their vaccines maim or kill children.

...because I believe the vaccine industry has thoroughly corrupted the science and safety of vaccines.

...because I recognize the aggressive and unreasonable tactics of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry desperately working to maintain the illusion of vaccine safety, keep consumers consuming, grow their markets, and increase their profits.

...because I have met so many families whose children were stolen from them by the battery of vaccines administered at pediatric vaccine visits.

...because I believe the U.S. vaccination program has become a progressively dangerous assault on the health and lives of the children of America.

...because I am awake and aware, I will not vaccinate, nor will I remain silent as the pharmaceutical and medical industries pretend that vaccines are safe and effective..."

Jim Meehan MD
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He won't vaccinate anymore because he doesn't need to. His children are all grown up. Check his FB. Or Linkedin.
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people, please stop reaponding this stupid troll. You simply can not fix the stupid.
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Sajhamitra you are the biggest hypocrite who cannot keep his own word and does not have the intellectual compass to answer logical questions. You are a clear example of cognitive dissonance

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