Hacks You Learnt in USA
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I know there are lot of hacks discovered while living/moving to USA. Share if you got one. Let me start..
- you don't have to pay 50 dollars a month cellphone bill. There is pay as you go option if you don't use your cell much.
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Better yet, H2o plans $27/month, 3GB highspeed thenafter 156kbps plus $20 free international minutes

Shop around for auto insurance you will save a ton. I was paying about $2400 per 6 months, went down to $900
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Pay for insurances you never use, pay for cellphone and data you barely use when you have wifi at home, at work and everywhere. Ekatira marunjel kamako kamakai arko tira Trump baje ko thulo chak puchna lai tireko tirekai. Good job mahamurkhas 🇳🇵

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The hack is to live a basic classy life if you can afford. Prefer quality over quantity and not worry too much about saving a few pennies. You get what you pay for.
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@Lal - do you own Maserati or some cool luxury cars? 2400 for 6 months sounds way too much for Honda and Toyota.
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1) Buy cars with low mileage that are 4- 5 years old, will have steeply depcreciated, pay cash and buy from a private seller. Only have 1 car for the family.

2) Republic wireless costs $20/month.

3) Buy excellent/mint grade used phones that are 1 generation old, the seller will send a slighly used phone, complain to them and they'll send a mint phone.

4) Buy good quality clothes and use them a lot. I only have branded clothes but only buy them
twice or thrice a year. Think cost per use

5) To me the biggest idiot is a guy with 2 brand new cars that he pays 30k each and sees them go down to 10k in 5 years. Invest in index funds and watch them grow. Every time the market hits a high, sell a little and buy back when it's down.

6) 15 year mortgage.
7) If you're in IT or Data Science like me, you can do a side hustle for extra money. I went to
a couple of local tech meetups and now make about 1600 month working 10 hrs a week, that I
pay my mortgage with.

8) Register your side hustle as a LLC and get tax benefits.
9) Max out 401k.
10) Don't brag about your money, people hate it.

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At the end how much ever you earn you spend it on Mortgage till your back becomes bango and kupro, rent till you don’t start paying mortgage, insurance till your car doesn’t become thotro, cell phone data till you don’t become a mobile couch potato and chammiya till you die. USA USA USA
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Nice one asdfg..keep sharing guys!
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asdfgh le chahi jindagi maa kehi garcha
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