Bill introduced to remove per nation cap for employment based
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If passed, US will turn into a curryland. Yuck!
AJ Joshi
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What r the chances ?😞
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different versions of the same bill is being reintroduced at at each new session of the congress. The last two bills failed to even take the floor, but it does have a bipartisan support. I don't think it will be voted on anytime soon with so many other pressing things that require attention. But don't underestimate the power of Indian lobbying money, they are relentless and will not stop until they get something.
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Most h1bs give birth is us anyways so in 30 yrs or so it will be more like south hall London
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@minarijal what do you eat? is it gundruk ko jhol or sinki ko ras everyday beacause all nepalese eat curry once twice or thrice everyday. How is it Yuck!
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@taaremam: I don't do anything that is related to India. If anyone does, that person is technically Indian and India's bitch no matter how much you yell your lungs out saying Buddha was born in Nepal.
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@minarijal please answer my question first Yuck darling!
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If you are planning for your EB-1/2/3/4/5 do it ASAP. If HR 1044 bill passes, ROW applicants W/O 140 petition approved will be pushed behind to wait on those Indians whose I-140 petition were approved decades ago to until date. (Believe me, you don't want to know that crazy number of backloggers). To clear their complete backlog est. time given is 10 years at minimum. Therefore, rest of world whose I-140 petitions has not been approved before this bill (if became law) will have to wait 10 years or more to become LPR.

If you oppose, call/email your representative, senate. Tweet, share in social media. Educate your friends and non-indian nationals to voice up.
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@Taaremam: I don't eat anything remotely close to Indian which includes daal bhaat.
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lol minarijal
may be you eat pakistani
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@minrijal: is there any race we Nepali like ? We even hate each other calling ourselves tuppi bahun, bhote, jyapu, dalit, madhise bhaiya and so on based on how they look and we don't stop there coz that's not enough for us right ? So we go after people from other countries too: dhoti, kale habsi etc. And btw Buddha was born in kapilvastu (presents day Nepal) but he ran away from Nepal. May be he didn't want to be called Nepali or he had 100s of Minrijal around him
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@khaikhok: LOLz, you have to be a madesi or someone who gets an orgasm when bullied by Indians when they call you a chaukidaar! (Oh Shhaab ji).
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@minarijal do you have a boyfriend or are you a lesbian?
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Mina Rijal sahibni hajur kaha bata hoisincha?
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