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How many of you really think Trump should build a wall on the southern border? Not a big fan of Donald Trump and Republican but I think we need good steel barrier to stop crimes and drugs. If American can spend $700 billion dollars for the military, then spending $6 billion dollars for national security (Wall) shouldn't be an issue. Liberal Lefts and Extreme Rights are cancer to the society.
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Wall is a must. Trump has proposed steel/concrete wall to be built in very sensitive areas and rest of the border with wire fence. He has also offered 3 yrs mercy period so that Congress can work on a legislation to address the situation. I don't know what else are Democrats wanting from him ? Immigration is an issue that needs to be addressed and trump is doing something about it. Obama president , Clinton secretary of states; house and Senate under their control but still they could do nothing. DEMOCRATS ARE CANCER OF USA
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yes. He is kind of a immoral person, but I like his agenda. Also voted  him in 2016.
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Building a wall will give relief from being harmed by illegals. When time is wrong you will be harmed from your own people. Can't escape fate or build wall around it.
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am just a common man with no party affiliation and i have no opinion of the wall - it doesn't change our/my life in any way. the reason - the wall doesn't stop the tunnels using which the unwanted stuff happens, like drugs and trafficking of illegal weapons and humans and what not. heck people have climbed over the wall or cut it open and so on.

the problem is democrats cannot trust Trump anymore. he promised to do something good for DACA affected when there was almost a shutdown the previous time, but he pulled out of the agreement in the last minute. that has been repeated numerous times by trump. thus he won't get what he wants going forward. and good luck since HoR is democrat controlled unlike last two years.

5-7 billion is peanuts in the scheme of things for the US, and if democrats wanted, they would give him the $$ in a jiffy. also, one of the proposals floated recently had up to $7.5 billion allotted for border security sans wall.

so this time, i think i will stick with Nancy and team. time someone stood against a president who needs a nanny all the time.

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I agree with you on most of the part. I don't support building a wall across the continent but we definitely need a strong concrete wall in the bordering cities. When thousands of Salvadoran immigrants were trying to cross the US illegally, wall stopped them. If you want a country you definitely want to know who is coming in and who is going out. What is America's moral obligations to the economic refugee from the Latin country? There are hunger and poverty everywhere in the world. There should be a bigger discussion about legal immigrants, not illegals.
Isn't that crazy Many of us are tired of Biharis who cross the border, come to Nepal commit crimes and return back to Bihar and wish we have some fence to stop them.
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I don't know about wall there but I think we need wall at the border of Nepal and India. :)
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There is no purpose of having a wall when there is an open border policy. But when they have a visa system between India and Nepal, then some fences might be an option. And I think Nepal is benefitting more from India Nepal open border policy. India is 2nd fastest growing economy in the world whereas Nepal is top 25 poorest nation in the world. Indian can exists without Nepal but Nepal cannot exist without India. I know we are proud of our history but our present is scary.
It is embarrassing when you have to ask aid with a foreign government to repair 27km long road (ring road).
The Thamelean
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I agree with the border wall proposal because it is the southern US border where the drug and crimes are entering the US. For most of us who came to the US for a better future for their kids obviously, expect a safe environment....and I hope that is not called 'asking for too much'.
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स्याल खबरका दर्शक खोज्न कहि जान परेन ! यहि रैछन, रातोघाटीं भाका नेफोली हरु ।
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all the big talks from these so called "red necks Nepali". I bet each of you worked illegally while you were students. Now that you are GC holders or Citizens and made it thru to the other side, ya'll freaking giving big talks. effin hypocrites. Go back to Nepal if you don't like present United States. Build wall around your houses if you don't like illegal immigrants.
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People who lie on their resume to get an IT job which (by their own logic, should belong to Americans), are talking about walls. GTFO with your hypocritical bullshit unless you are a fucking saint.
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go get'em shelvey
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We preach one thing and practice something else, we are  hypocrite as Trump.

We are worse than Red neck. Try to be indifferent while reviewing your past postings and comments (think that was someone's comment), you will find out who you are.

Does it make any difference if USA builds southern borders or not? Do not bullshit about moral, weigh your morality before comment. Truth Hurts and it is hard to accept.
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You need to chill out man. The reason U.S legal system is broken coz of illegal immigrants. When was the last time you heard either democrats or republicans debating on the behalf of legal immigrants? Illegals are Illegals no matter what. 

They need to build a legal system like in Canada or Australia where legal immigrants will have a pathway of becoming a GC holder or citizen. Democrats have become a party of Blacks and Hispanics. 

Build a wall, stop illegal immigrants, make a citizenship pathway for legal immigrants & Make America Great again.
BTW I support Andrew Yang for 2020 election.
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Those who could come here legally good for you. But not every one can come here legally in a way US government requires so they come illegally. Some gets lucky to get where they want some will die while crossing borders. I guess in someway it will be all justified.
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200times, if you came here as DV holder or if your dad (like andyshrestha said in other post), is neta, then good for you.

But if you came here as a student and worked, then that's illegal too. What do you have to say about 1000s of nepali student who come here and work illegally? Aren't they considered illegal? Don't be a hypocrite, if one is wrong then both are.
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I think 200times has a pathological need to be accepted by the people he hangs around with. By his own admission, he only hangs out with "whites and asians". So, he has to use their bullshit talking points to make him feel accepted and "white". You are nothing but an Uncle Tom , man. And, you saying " I support Andrew Yang for 2020 election.", is like when racists say they are not racist cuz they have a black friend.
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Think of Zombie situation in America..will you cross the border to go to Canada or wait in line for years to enter legally?
Anyone wondered why they cannot come legally and then read this...
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