US Embassy Nepal took a Greencard
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My mom overstayed (2 years) without a travel document in Nepal as the US Permanent Resident for the medical reason. She already overstayed in Nepal twice and US Embassy allowed her to come to the USA due to the medial reasons.She went to the US embassy Nepal this week for inquiry and they took her greencard and said she is no more qualified as the US resident. She was in the US and renew her GC in 2017. Please advice if She can get her GC back or bring her in the USA. Thank you in advance.
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She should have applied for advanced parole if she was planning to stay for more than 6 months.
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By the way, why she went to us embassy ? Isn’t she just supposed to buy air ticket and come to us and immigration officers will be the one to allow or not allow her admission? Also what do you mean when say, US embassy allow her to come in? Do they give some documents or put stamp in passport?

If in understand correctly, you can technically apply for new green card, and if USCIS approves it, she can have new green card and come back again.
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Write to your Senator (of the state that you live in) and seek professional help. This is a severe matter and mere suggestions won't cut it.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Hahah, kehi hudaina hazur, bhaihalchani :) Nepali mentality le hudaina ho brothers . I would suggest flow the rules you don't have to go through any headache - my two cents
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Well, I am not sure but how about talking to immigration lawyers in USA? The lawyers can have a better idea that might work in favor of her!
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There is no point in talking to anyone. GC holder should have intentions to say in US permanently, she is not allowed to stay outside of us longer the. 6 month with out travel document , which extends it to 2 years. So they can take it back technically.
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Let her apply SB-1(Returning Resident Visa) visa.
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