Canada visitor visa denied on TPS
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Guys, so my visitor visa was denied . The reason they gave was my current immigration status (Tps).
What do you guys think would be a good option for now?
Thank you in advance 🙏
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You will get denied the second time you apply as well. If you are trying to get the i94 updated, might as well get parole and go to India, Nepal.
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@daisynepali what?? I am on TPS too and my visitor visa was approved. That is so strange!!
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@daisynepali question: Did you upload your TPS approval, Advance Parole and EAD with your documents?
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I did . Except for AP , cause i dont have one. I thought i’d apply after i get the approval that was my bad . I should have applied an AP beforehand 😔
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Daisynepali: I'm sorry to hear that and yes you should have applied beforehand cause having advance parole gives the immigration office proof that you will be returning back to USA. how about you apply for advance parole and reapply?
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You, AP is the only way you can travel back to US once stepped outside of US. Without AP, you cannot return back to US and Canada doesn’t want to keep you there forever that’s y they denied you the visa.
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I am sorry to heard that. You should not apply again unless there has been significant change in your situation. BTW did they mention reason of refusal was TPS in your refusal letter? Or just said that they are not satisfied that you will not leave the Country after visit?
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They did not necessarily say TPs but yes, they did mention about my current immigration status so that’s basically tps
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This is in reference to your application for temporary residence. A decision has been made on
your application. We require your passport to finalize processing your application. what does this mean? i am on TPS too.
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Mero ta hariyo patta cha, timi haru [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] TPS gas station ghanta hanuwa
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Dude STFU and ur shitty attitude. Go F*** urself...You can't even respect others...Tyo hario patta la k nai gerya chas ra aaila samma, sajha ma aayera furti gernu bhayak. You can't even compete in the real world if you can send me ur number I will show you who the fuck I am.
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haha frustrated soul.. get life n go to work.. ghanta hanna .. bhui ramro sanga mop gar ok tps
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ma jasto professional gig lai jpayo tai na bhan......gas station ghanta hanuwa.....I make 60K a year and hariyo patta. Student Visa ma aayara k garish, tps mai jhundidai gas station kam gardai chas. aafu DV paryara aayako 2 barsa ma 60K mero year incom.
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performancetasterr, you should go and f#@K yourself. You freaking fresh of the Boat.
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Congratulations man, your Visa is approved.
Next thing, go to your online account and take print out of the confirmation letter and send it with your passport that’s all and your Canada Visa will be stamped in your passport.
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@ s001 thank you for the comment.
@halfkattu you are absolutely right fresh of the boat. Everyone knows he is lying about 60K, It isn't a big money here. Fresh bhayera it seems very big for him.
@performancetasterr Go fuck urself again. you are such a cheap person...60K Jabo la dherai furti na ger. 

Last edited: 16-Dec-18 11:33 PM
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@dash97 congrats! When you send your passport the status on your online application should change to approved and it takes about 4-14 days for you to get your passport back depending on the heavy application on the application center. I sent mine via fedex directly to Ottawa for processing. They should give you 10 years multiple entry! I went to canada recently and absolutely loved it
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Is this performance tester for real? I thought he got banned.

I do envy you if you really have GC. But boasting about 60K salary, that is real funny. May be you are one of those folks from remote village and won DV lottery, and have never seen so much money in your life. It is just an assumption but your attitude explains a lot and that is where it points to .

Anyway.. enjoy in Canada whoever have their visa approved. I heard it is beautiful in summer and if you enjoy winter, a lot of things to see (Frozen clear lakes , ice castles).
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