MS in CyberSecurity or Network Security
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Dear All,
Should I go for Masters in Cybersecurity or Network Security? I have no background in IT and have my undergraduate in non-IT major. Can somebody please enlighten me if it will be easier for me to go this route or do second bachelors in Cybersecurity or network security?

Thank you all in advanve and happy dashain!!
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Thank you much drogba bro!!
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You need a security clearance to get a job in cybersecurity and network security. If you are a US citizen(Can't get a security clearance in Greencard and visa ) and planning to get a security clearance in the future its really good career field.
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Thank you much for response 200times bro,
Yes, I already have secret clearance from military.
I see Cybersecurity has higher paying jobs but I think it will be easier to find jobs in Network security. Is it true?
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Just having clearance doesn't guarantee job. I hope u know there are level of is what I suggest. First get a degree in network ,second get your feet in and then couple of yrs down the road,transition to cyber if that is where u want go...

I just think degree n clearance only doesn't guarantee job, u should ve solid background....

Again it's what u think n what u want but ofcourse what's out there is plan accordingly...GL

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Thank you much for your insightful input drogba bro. Yes, I think you are right about going to Network Security route and get some real world experience rather than jumping to Cybersecurity. Yes, Im totally aware about the real world situation..that is the reason I was very skeptical jumping directly into Cyber Security with no Networking or IT background.

I don’t think my current degree is of any use to advance my career so I don’t want make the same mistake again. You seem very knowledgeable in this field. So, do you suggest me to go for second Bachelors or Masters? Will it be very hard for me to catch up since I don’t have any IT background?

Thank you again
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Make sure you have following certifications to have job in security, especially in govt sector.
Security +
By the way, where are you located at?
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I really appreciate for your input NepaliBudho bro. Im currently in Dallas,TX.
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@op...I wouldn't go for masters in IT, rather have working experience that wins. If you already have Bachelor's too I won't waiste another bachelors too ..would rather get certification ccna,np,VM, etc...
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If u have Security clearance look for training places such as LeaderQuest or microtrain
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If you have a clearance, try to get a Security plus minimum or there are some companies that will pay for your security plus and you have to get it within the first 6 months of hire. You will never be out of job in cybersecurity field if you have a TS/SCI and CISSP.
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Thank you drogba bro,ehho2 bro and looser bro for taking time to respond to my questions. Im overwhelmed by all of your generous input. All of your input will be very helpful for me in making my decision. I will take all of your suggestions and consider my options.
I hearly thank you all again and happy dashain!!
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Notion that you need security clearance for IT security job is flat out wrong . Don’t even entertain these comment . How I know , 15 years of experience in this industry . But this doesn’t even apply to you, since you probably have TS from military.

But IT security is very wide domain, fairly complex if you want to be good at it , because of the level of detailed understanding from all underlying technology, you will need to be good at it.

And since you are starting career today, the most important thing is coading and skripting . There won’t be any real IT job that won’t need skripting/coding in near future. So I would highly recommend to start with coading for any IT career as base requirement and be good at it. This will make you successful in any branch of IT specialization you choose further.
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"coading" and "skripting" and 15 years of experience in IT industry.

I rest my case.

Oh also don't forget.

"if you want to be good at it, you will need to be good at it"

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Only time I write in sajha is when I am taking a dump. Back in the days i would need newspaper but with touch screen phones the process is evolved but nonetheless same shit ya know. Often i would be standing up and wiping with one hand while i am still typing with my other hand. Trust me brothers grammar and spelling is the last thing I care about in such moments. I assume same thing or so.ething similar happned to miraj brother..its time to flush so good bye
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hahaha...someone with the fake resume throwing a post. I saw a Nepali dude who got kicked out from the college (cheating issue) in the USA and joined the military under MAVINI and was a mechanic. Later found out his resume which said: "worked in IT and solved the United States military IT issue." Do not listen to all these "Resume Dodgers." Do what you are really interested in.

Disclaimer: Yo katha kalpanik jastai ho tara kasai sanga milna gayena ma sanyog matra huncha.
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15 years of experience in coading and Skrypting . 
Last edited: 15-Oct-18 10:20 PM
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I am really grateful to all of you for taking out your precious time to throw insightful input. It was definitely very helpful for me and I hope it helped someone who are interested or had questions regarding Network/Cyber Security. The reason I visit sajha and throw my issues here is that there are so many highly intelligent folks in here and give their precious time to actually solve issues. I am amazed seeing the intellect of my fellow country men/women in here and are in position to give advice to newbies like myself.
So, I request all of you to please not turn this thread in to argument about someone’s typo or their experience which might be different.

Thank you all and happy dashain once again!!!!
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I don’t care what people say about spelling or grammar or typing stuff. My comment was for OP, take it for its message or ignore it for spelling , it’s upto OP. There might be typo in this comment also , which I don’t care either.
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I will try to add my 2 cents to the discussion.

Information/Network/CyberSecurity are the fields of the future, b/c as the computer and IT sector (and field dependent upon it - health, bio, finance, etc) grows there is more need of the personnel who can keep the health of IT at pace.

If somebody wants to really jump into the field of IT and wants to embrace a lucrative sides of it (mainly Data Science, Machine learning, Security, Vision and Pattern recognition), be ready to do some good amount of homework - no not school homework or a small research. A real homework (I mean an independent project) and putting yourself on average 8+ hours a day for more than couple of years.

Even a master CS holder really doesn't understand computer much if he/she want to get in that domain, because these fields of IT are blend with statistics, mathematics and associated with some science (physics, chemistry, biology, economics).

If you really didn't had IT history and don't really enjoy computers than start at a small position. If you try to jump right into big stuff you will choke, and you will choke pretty hard.

I am not a CS degree holder but I have built myself into IT field, b/c I always enjoyed computer. I am a biology major, who got into the bandwagon of genomics/bioinformatics which lead to a self independent application development with quite a sophisticated algorithms.
Before I graduated I was offered a job as information security engineer and data scientist. I was little wary about what this new domain would be like - but looks like I have delved into the depth of IT so much that I just feel comfortable navigating in any direction given I am provided materials and some time to adjust.
I regularly talk with my manager and encounter new things every now and then. If you are a new person in a new field and really haven't gone through tough training you are going to be a monkey and they will immediately know that you are not who you are. So, don't bump your resume so hard that it will hit you back.

IT is a lucrative field and it seems it could be a easy jump, but not really if you train your self right. But, the good aspect of it is that you really have the resource to learn - online materials and hours of practice on your lab (i.e your laptop/computer).

Plus, IT is soon going to blend with every available human skills and jobs in the markets. See what Kai fu lee has to say about it

I don't believe if it will be exactly what he says, but there will certainly be a trend towards automation and every thing being blend with IT. So, I suggest starting slow and not choking, being genuine about your skill and give some good amount of time to build it.

Also, I am starting some opensource projects in machine learning, visual/sound recognition, genomics/bioinformatics. If someone wants to get involved please let me know via DM. Since, this will be an opensource project it will not be for a pay, but you will have chance to build your profile and put it on github.

FYI: My job offer was not base on bumped up resume or CS degree (coz I don't have one), but really based on projects I have on GitHub. So, everyone really has the opportunity to sell oneself in market if you can build and show your skill.
You can find me by my username on github, wordpress, stackoverflow and other sites.

Thanks for reading.

Last edited: 16-Oct-18 09:56 PM
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Thanks a lot Meeraj bro & everestial bro for your valuable input. I really appreciate the time you have put in to respond.
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