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Any documents need to send my US born baby with grandparents to Nepal?
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Any one have send their US born Baby with grand parents to Nepal? What documents will be needed in order to do so? Please share!!
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Sexy In Sari
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How old is the baby?

As you may know, baby up to 18 months, they have recommended immunization schedule.

And you must have a small booklet which contains vaccination date and what kind of vaccination your baby has received up to date.

Keep this booklet handy when you enter US, if your child is less than 2 years, they might ask vaccination information.

good luck.
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When my in-laws were bringing back my daughter; I have a letter typed mentioning the relationship, contact information and copy of our passport. My in-laws mentioned us; there were asked who the child was and the letter helped them to get through.
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Below is a link. It is good to have something with similar language if both parents are not with the minor child.


Not just at the US airport, they may ask for it in any country on your transit (my child was asked for it in Paris) and it helps. Happy journey and happy Dashain!
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