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Any way of finding what's the acceptance rate of F1 Visa for Nepal in USA? If someone plans to apply, what the recommendation private or public schools? Any recommendation. Have anyone have got a visa for private school? I have heard good and bad things.
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No way to find success rate of visas as US Department doesn't give these details. And ofcourse, you can get visa in private schools (the costs of the private schools are significantly high than public schools, so this might be hindrance, but if you get scholarship, I don't see why not). Some of the best schools are private, including, Harvard, Standford, Princeton, Columbia, Yale and the list goes on.
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There is no future for international students in USA.95% students have wasted their valuable time and life in USA.So better try other countries which give opportunities to international students
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Primary question: F-1 visa rate does not mean anything at personal level. The question is whether you will get visa or not. That is usually related to scholarship and other factors you already know.

While Hanuman's statement is strong, that is not totally wrong. Can't agree "95% wasted..." but there indeed are several other countries with better quality of life, work-life balance, education quality in general, healthcare, stipends and scholarships etc. for foreign students. Please do not listen to the people who have seen only the US (or a part of US) and never been to Western Europe, Australia, and more importantly Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and even HK and some China.

Good luck and do try for the US if that's the only option for you in hand now.
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