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Nepal - on arrival Visa
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Sajha saathi ho, on arrival visa ko process kati ko jhanjhatilo cha aachel TIA ma? Any tips?
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The most easiest than getting a visa at a nepalese embassy or a consulate.
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@panacea: You must be a bhote. WTF is aachel? It's "aaj kaal". Why even go to Nepal when you can't even speak Nepali properly?
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@samitabaral small reminder- you are crossing the limits.Dherai guliyo huna khojnu vayo bhane teeto huncha, samhaline prayas garnu hola before it’s too late.
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@AdrianBrother: Sky is the limit.
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It is straightforward, painless process. Just have your money ready. The only time you'll be in trouble is when the machines are down and/or the lines of newly arrived tourists is huge.

With the surge in number of tourists coming to Nepal at the peak season, you might end up waiting in line for an hour.
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@samitabaral, based on your last name you seem to be a bauni.... to talk shit about others Sajha is not a platform... if you can answer what's being asked ..fine answer it, if not don't talk shit. Only deranged people do such shit.
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@Deke: I agree with you and I apologize for sounding like the way I did. It just irritates me sometimes when people don't speak Nepali correctly.
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Achel a nepalese term same as aajkal, it’s just a dialect between different groups in Nepal. You need to educate yourself with Nepalese words before pounding on someone.
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When I went the last time, I filled out the on arrival visa form from the US, about a day before I leave. At the end of the form, it gave me a barcode, which I printed out. At the desk, I just handed that barcode and pay the fee (without having to fill out forms in the airport or having to use their machine). That was it. I highly recommend filling that out before you leave, as lines can be really long and time consuming at the airport.

On arrival form is found at https://online.nepalimmigration.gov.np/tourist-visa
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Thank you all for the input. Will print out the completed online application before I leave as suggested to avoid any delays :)
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