Khasi per pound at Hayes Farm, Mansfield,TX
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Hello all; First of Happy Dashai and Tihar to all of you.
Since most of all Nepali in DFW will be getting whole Khasi; I though of sharing the price so that you can get same or better price than what I paid
today 10/07 at hayes farm :
Bigger Khasi : 3.25/pound
Smaller Khasi : 3.50/pound
+ $30 for cleaning and cutting.
Hope this helps in adding extra dollar in your wallet instead of the busines owner as i noticed the guy is also charging 3.75/pound.

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That’s very cheap. We pay $9 per pound here in Virginia. This is everyday price.
Everything is cheap in Texas. House is half the price for the same size house.
Single family house with 4 bed room is atleast $700,000 in Northern Virginia.That’s why we are always broke.
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micky_mouse ; the price per pound is for the alive Khasi . If its cut and sold at the store the price is around $7.50- $8.50. Texas used to be little cheap but its getting expensive day by day. House that used to cost around 300K around 7-8 yrs back are now 450K+. One good thing is we don't have additional state tax or county tax just the sales tax besides federal tax. I think the price of house in NV are higher because there is not sufficient land and Texas is HUGEE. Here also the similar house will cost $700000+ if its in good ISD and there is not enough space example Coppell. By the way; I am always broke (paycheck to paycheck). To my understanding; in order not to be broke you either have to do run illegal stuff( gambling) or do tax fraud otherwise its difficult.
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