Sending US born toddler to Nepal
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I know Sabai jana lai mero topic dekhera ris uthe ko hola . Afno baby lai kasari eklai chodna sakeko bhanera. But I am sending her for the reason.My daughter is 3.5 yrs old and not talking yet. We had her check up several times here but doc find no reason for her speech delay. Her hearing is fine, no autism, she is very active all day . she also went to the day care for 1 year and she is having a speech therapy and occupational therapy since last 6 months without any improvement at all. So we decided to send her to Nepal with my parents for 1-2 yrs to see if she will progress there. So I want to know if you have any similar story? Or do you know any kids who improve with speech after sending Nepal?
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This is silly and/or ridiculous, but I have heard from my parents that the kids with these problems are taken to Suryabinayak in Bhaktapur and they are left there alone and (maybe) out of fear they scream and then they start talking. I know this has worked with a lot. You may want to find out more about it. Good Luck.
The Thamelean
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Lovelysameu, I hope she will recover her speech, My best wishes.
I don't know why Laalmon finds it 'silly and/or ridiculous' !
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I just sent you a PM. Somewhat similar situation
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Thank you everyone. @lalmohan yes I have also heard about it . Thank you@ The Thamelean
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Sorry to hear about your daughter. I know how stressful this can be as my son also didn't speak until he was 3.5 years old. From my experience I can suggest that more speech and/or occupational therapy is a lot better option than sending her to Nepal. Note that the result of these therapy can take some time but you know your situation better than any of us.

FYI, I also took my Son to the place that Laamon suggested and it did not work.

Again, I hope everything works out well with your daughter.

santa lil helper
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so you're sending you baby to nepal to speak nepali so that the baby can come back to the US to speak english?
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If I were you, I would keep the child with myself.
Some kids take time. If the child has no medical issues, don't worry and read the biography of Einstein ...

"Einstein was slow in learning how to speak. His parents even consulted a doctor.... "
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आनन्दजी, अनि मोदी पनि ६ वर्ष लागेपछि बल्ल बोलेको, अझ सी जिनपिङ्ग त झनै ढिलो बोलेका रे, एउटा भिडियो बनाउनु हुन्थ्यो कि आइन्स्टाइनको बारेमा पनि?

It's a parents' decision to try whatever is possible. I see absolutely no problem for that child to stay with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and so many others for few months in Nepal. Kids at that age can learn multiple languages. It also increases the bond with parents' relatives.

I don't believe in Suryavinayak thing, but its' definitely OK to hike to that place in one lovely Dashain morning and do the ritual (don't about the method) as long as it does not hurt the child or anyone else.
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Thanks @lamjung.
When it comes to kids, we worry too much.
The problem is - worrying too much disturbs the natural growth of the kids. Sending to Nepal for a couple of months is not a bad idea. But, 1-2 years is a very long time in a toddler's life.

People have different priorities. They should do what they think is the best for them.
I just meant to say that mine is to keep kids nearby and let them have a total freedom - no rules at home - until they are adults.
wit's end
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I read this somewhere....
'Einstein didn't talk until he was four'
Children with low intelligence often (but not always) are slow talkers; they start later, and progress slower.
Children with a high intelligence, gifted children, often start earlier, sometimes as early as 4 months, and progress much quicker.
However, there's a catch: very intelligent children (like Einstein) will often *realise* their speech is not yet as good as that of the people around them (notably their parents), and as a direct result of this will either not talk where others can hear it, or even not talk at all until they are SURE they can do it properly. These children will often start talking very late (sometimes as late as 3 or 4 years old), but will then progress extremely quickly, sometimes talking in full sentences right from the start, other times going from single words to full sentences in a matter of weeks.
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Sorry to hear your situation. I am glad this problem has been posted in Sajha. Delay in speech in children could be due to many causes. One of the reasons is deficiency of folinic acid in their brain. I would not suggest sending her back. She has full potential to get her speech at this early age. I would suggest to find a local MAPS doctor ( Medical academy of pediatric special needs) who can help with this situation. I hope this helps.
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My kid is 5 and she still has trouble constructing a full sentence. Like you, we have done therapies and all and like you until 31/2 my lil one had no words that she could get out of her. She understood everything and can carried out complex instructions, so she did understand. She is 5, and when it comes to words she will only say a few words, but her understanding has improved significantly. Recently she stared kindergarten where she is not doing all that bad. We know that it will only improve. Also, this seems to be common among homes that speak multiple languages, I mean think about it they are introduced to Nepali, English, Hindi, Spanish, Newari etc. and that is a lot for the child. The amazing thing is that they understand it all but just have not mastered a language to respond in, at least that is my take way.

I would suggest to not worry too much because this can get overwhelming and sometimes when it feels like the "sky is falling", the sky actually still stays where it always was. Be patient and love him or her to your fullest because they are unique to you, and they have unique needs, and unique ways to grow, and unique ways to learn. Some of us compare them to other kids and this does not do justice to them, and that is somewhat pointless in my view. That just leads to you being frustrated.Compare them to themselves, as to what they have done better than what has been done until now, and what could be improved. I wish you all the luck my friend. I know things will improve and trust me they will. Happy Dashain to you, your family and your special little one.
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Sorry I am not sharing any solution to these issues but folks please research about effect of vaccination to baby. I know its Taboo to talk about not Vaccinating especially in western world and i am not suggested either side but i think if it something related to lives especially baby's life and also it is yours. I think its worth researching before we fully trust doctor as God.

Just questions why? why we are seeing these sort of things more and more ? also Autism and its various spectrum of it has becoming more common. Just a thought.

something that you can have a read.
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lovelysamu, don't send your kid to nepal. She need some special treatment and care, and that is possible in US.

1. When kids don't meet certain developmental milestones (including speech); it's some degree of autism.
2. Don't get alarmed with this A-word. Accept it. As long as parents are in denial mode, kid can't get timely 'intervention' and hence recovery.
3. Yes, Autism can be recovered. Almost all autism cases, with proper & timely intervention.
4. Autism is not down syndrome. Most parents don't know the difference.
5. Autism is caused by certain biomedical conditions. If your kids have Eczema on skin, night sleeping issue, does not point objects with fingers, sensory issues (closes ears on certain sounds), prefers playing alone, organises items in a straight line, obsession with wheels (or circular objects), etc, then you should be alarmed. These are symptoms of autism.
6. Such kids metabolism and immune systems are weak. Gut (stomach) is weak, and have gut related issues, e.g. digestion problem. Their body does not detoxify naturally, hence toxicity is build up in body and brain. This causes, all above symptoms. And other developmental issues.
7. Google or youtube search for "gut issues and autism" or "gut and brain" for details.
8. Cure or recovery from autism starts from "biomedical intervention" process. Some "wellness doctor" or "natural heaith and wellness" doctor can help. Toxicity test in blood (lead poisoning, mercury or other heavy metal testing) can help to identify the cause.
9. First step to recovery is fixing gut issues. -
a. Absoluely no gluten and cashin (dairy) in food food. No sugar or sweets. (Google for gluten/mashin free foods). Use non dairy (with low sugar) milk.
b. Supplement good quality probiotics. Best, make coconut water kefir (search youtube). Use good quality probiotics (one sold from "body ecology"), or get one with max strains (e.g. google "garden of raw 50 billions probiotic 32 strains"). Use that with quality coconut water (one from Costco is really good, Kirkland brand organic coconut water). Make kefir in glass jar. Feed the kefir regularly at least twice daily.
10. If you do that mentioned in step 9, kids start noticeable change within a month. They start sleeping well, eating well, play in group, and start verbal communication, gets potty training easily.
11. Initially, they start one word, followed with multiple words and sentences, with time.
12. It takes dedication, good effort and patience. It takes time. Within 2 to 3 years, kids with autism can be well recovered.
13. Most of the kids doctor won't believe in this treAtment for "certain reasons". Some "naturopathic" doctors, if found in your area, can provide guidance. Search Tylenol /antibiotics and it's effect in gut health. Use "homeopathic" alternatives (sold in CVS, Walgreen's).
14. Vaccines and it's controversy exists. (Search youtube for movie "vaxxed"). Some states permit opt-out of certain vaccines on personal/faith/religious region. Or certain vaccines (e.g. MMR) can be delayed until kids immune is well developed.
15. Learn "gut health" "effect of antibiotics on gut health" "autoimmune disease" "autism recovery" "probiotics and autism" - search these key words in youtube. Educate yourself for details.
16. Traditional therapy (speech or behavior) is worthless if you don't fix kid's underlying biomedical issues. It's kind of turture to the kids. You can not train a person to walk or run if his leg bones are broken. First fix the leg and then train him to walk.
17. Don't waste time. Earlier the intervention started, quicker the result. And, believe- you will get your kid everything normal back. Best of luck.
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