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Is there any consultancies that provide SAS training free of cost?
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Is there any consultancies that provide SAS training free of cost?
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Why u want to learn SAS? It’s a dying technology
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ajoshinp, I also thought the same. But there are at least some federal and state agencies where it is impossible to replace their SAS-based system running since 1970s.
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Thank you I am thinking one of the best statistical tools for data analysis and easy to find job afterwards
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No thing is free. If you learn own your own than that's free, but you still paid for it.
If you thinking about consultancies that will train your for a week or month and then fake your resume for 7 years than that is free, but you still pay good amount of your earning to them.

So, what kind of free are you talking about. No thing is free - but you can learn on your own.
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How is job market for Data Analytics?
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Market is good. I m data analyst. I’ve always had a job
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I always wanna do data analytics or database jobs in IT. So I thought SAS or SPSS is the best choice. Any other tools do you think can be the best option to find job easily and pays good too. Also please recommend the best consultancy that has been in the market for a long time and best to go through.
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@nepalghar.... University join gare kaso hola? Do you have bachelors degree? Many universities provide MBA degree emphasis in Data Analytics.
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