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Important I485 question. Please .....
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There are 2 items (Item # 23 and #61) in the form that I'm not sure what the answer should be.
23. Have you ever applied for any kind of relief or protection from removal, exclusion, or deportation ?
YES or NO.
61. Have you received public assistance in the US from any source, including the US government or any state,
county, city, ...?
I have applied for TPS for Nepal in the past.
I have received discount from utility companies for electric and gas by enrolling in low income assistance program run by the utility companies.

Do I mark YES for both ?

Thank you for your help.
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I think TPS is not a relief or protection from removal, exclusion, or deportation. So for 1, its a NO.

For No 2, right answer ta YES nai ho, tara tesle farak parla bhanne kura ho aile ko sarkar ko karan le. citizenship ko lagi chai public assistance leko bhaye ajkal scrutinize garna thalya cha bhanera padya the, yesma ni tei ta hola ni. garo cha
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Public Utilities arent sharing this info to federal governments ( unless the program you was federal). I wouldnt put yes if it was me.
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Like others said, for 1 it’s a NO. For 2, you can say Yes as technically it’s an assistance but that will not affect your GC negatively since it’s not considered to be a public charge per uscis.
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Thank you guys. I thought #23 is a "Yes" since TPS is a Temporary Protection.
Has anybody filled out the form i485 here ?
Can you please tell me what I should do ?

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On what basis are you filing I 485?
If you have not received food stamp or medicaid , I would keep the 2nd one as no.
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#23. I put "YES" and interviewing officer asked why. I explained about the TPS and he was okay with it and approved my case. Some of my friends (who had TPS) put "NO" and still got approved. So it does not matter. However, you should put "YES" because it is "a kind of relief or protection from removal, exclusion, or deportation". USCIS link for TPS clearly says this.

#61 I am not quite sure about it.
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