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After i485 interview
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Had my AOS interview 42 days ago. I was recommended for approval by the officer right after the interview and was said the card would arrive in two weeks, but it hasn't arrived yet. Is anyone in the same boat?
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What does your case status say online? It’s usually a month from the approval to get the GC in hand.
Boston Basi
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I am sorry to hear about that, hopefully it will come soon.
I want to ask you what were the questions they asked during your interview.

please let me know.
Thank You.
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My case status still says the interview was completed and the case is under review.

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The officer didn't ask many questions. She made me take the oath and asked general questions, like my address here and in Nepal, and those yes/no questions from the i485 form. It was fairly easy and was over in 10/15 minutes.
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Seems like you don’t need to worry but just wait for the card. Soon you might see the update of the approval and the GC production.
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@abhilasha_pokhara.. m in the same boat .. wait is painful.. :(
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@Archer how long has it been for you since the interview?
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50+ days :(
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@abhilasha_pokhara Most likely because of the  visa retrogression for EB1 and EB2.  you might have to wait until the priority date is current (most likely in October 1 depending upon your category) to receive your green card.


@archer what does your online case status show ? has your case been approved and are you waiting for your card in the mail ?
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From USCIS VISA Bulletin for September 2018:


what I understand is that retrogression only affects who are planning for "Adjustment of status (filing I-485)" but not for those who have already filed it and faced or planning to face interview.

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You should follw the final action table as per the USCIS instruction. This is the last month of the fy for USCIS, hence there have been irregularities. Abhilasa would have green card already in hand if it was not the end of the fy.
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@iinception "Interview was completed and case under review"..
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Thank you for your replies. Hopefully, the wait will be over soon.
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@Archer Did you get any update on your USCIS case status? This waiting game is so annoying.
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@Abhilasa_pokhara.. haven't heard anything ... Probably it will be be in time frame of what @iinception said above..(most likely in october) :(
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