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After i485 interview
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Had my AOS interview 42 days ago. I was recommended for approval by the officer right after the interview and was said the card would arrive in two weeks, but it hasn't arrived yet. Is anyone in the same boat?
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@Archer, did you get any updates?
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@abhilasha_pokhara .. nope lol .. with this rate might as well buy a suitcase; start packing and mentally prepare to go back :D
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IF THEY find something in the file, they can delay it for a long time
Rati bista
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Maybe because of this https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/uscis-changes-policy-on-accrual-of-52544/
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Where is your interview field office?
Rakshya Regmi Bhattarai
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@abhilasha_pokhara did you hear anything ? I have the exact same problem. Mine is stuck in national benefit center but no one will tell me why it is stuck there. They are telling me there is not enough visas to issue a green card but that is not correct.
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@rakshya "They are telling me there is not enough visas to issue a green card but that is not correct."
how do you know that it is not correct. you do realize there are fixed number of visas given every year right ?
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@rakshya My case is also at the NBC office. My lawyer made an infopass last week and they said the same thing about the availability of visas.
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@hital My field office is Indianapolis.
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Guys, I made an infopass last week and they are still saying that there are not enough visas available at this time. So strange.. it's December already☹️
Last edited: 04-Dec-18 04:11 PM
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Update: Just received it in the mail. Things happen when you least expect them 😀
AJ Joshi
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Congrats . Stay humble
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@abhilasha_pokhara congrats !!
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First of all, Congratulations!!!
U said u went to infopass a week earlier. Seems like till the day u received in mail, u didn't know that ur case has been approved. Wasn't ur status updated in USCIS site? Just curios...
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@ShreeGunyess.. Looks like my status was updated sometimes after Nov 28 and I received the card in mail on December 5. I didn't receive any emails or messages about the update though. Since I didn't get any email, I wasn't expecting the card in mail yesterday.
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Last edited: 05-Dec-18 08:04 PM
Mr p
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Hi all as i am close to file 485 end of this month. Looking for some suggestions from experience people.
- I have gap period of 5 months during last 5 year work history. It was during my opt start time. I
did Unpaid internship and now i am not able to get documents from them what should be
- Lost my original birth certificate and when my parents tried to get copy , new municipality added
current registration date on it as they were unable to find the older files from VDC. what should
be the options. Should i add affidavit of support along with it. If yes how many needed.
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P For your work timeline you can get sworn statements from your colleagues, and also you may have the Sevis update that is required for OPT when you notified the administrator.
For birthdoc, you can get statement from neighbors, uncles on the time and place of your birth. Of course notarized. Also add school docs with dob if present.
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For work history, you don't need any documents for "past" jobs. You shouldn't lie, but they will not ask or require your old job related documents. You only need current Employment verification letter. As for birth, date of registration doesn't matter ( I did mine 1 week before applying). Just send notarized sworn statements from your mom, dad verifying the DOB. Also, include secondary documents from nepal or here which has your DOB. If the DOB is in BS also include BS to AD calendar and short explanation.
Mr p
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Thanks for reply @maxpayne for reply as it was small account firm with one cpa and he is not willing give me a letter as due to the fact that i left the place after trained the jobs. As i am looking at my i20 there is not any update on i-20 regarding the job i reported as it was in 2013 after completing my undergrad.

How many affidavits should i include, As i am filing by myself with the help of pro bono lawyers.
Mr p
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Thanks @shelvey for the suggestions and reply.
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