America ako kati vayo?
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8 out of 10 people asks; ” kati vayo America ako?” Kina hola?
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coz nepali ppl are nosy and they like to compare who has bigger d*ck
stay away from types of pakhes
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I think it is a good conversation starter. I'd rather someone asks me this question than 'तपाईं को स्टातुस के हो?'. That is being nosy but I do not see anything wrong with someone knowing how long you have been in the US. Conversation can take interesting turns after that.
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I think its normal to ask that. Not only Nepali, anyone when they meet people from their countries at different land can ask such question. Even foreigners who come to visit Nepal ask each other how long they been in the country.

@user01 is perfect example of one of those types to stay away from. Kura k ho bujhna chaina paccha bolyo "Nepali ppl yesto usto". Kun ppl chai 100(saye) goon le varipurna huncha huh??
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Everybody asks you that question because i think you have anxiety issues.I think people asks you how old are you as well.So, dont just judge nepali people.most of them are very smart .smarter than most americans
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Some people, mostly DV winner पाखे, ask थर के पर्यो नि ?
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@NepaliBudho "थर के पर्यो नि ? " <------ true shit.

These are usually the ones who owns gas stations, refer to F1 students & other visa categories as "Pokey or Jholey Haru" (as they consider F1 & other categories pretty much status-less and look down upon) and pay minimum wages to their employees, & feel proud about it. These lot claim to be associated to some sort of political party in Nepal and boat about their connections in Nepalese bureaucracy. They basically know-it-all be it nepali politics, american society, and people. They believe in hindu-rastra, oppose sanghiyeta and support amrikiRastrapati about making amrika great again.
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Dont judge that about too nepali budho.I am not DV winner but DV winner may be pakhe but they arent dumb.They ask you thar because they are trying to see common ground between you and them.same thar has same common values so they can get along easily.They are just trying to know you.
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Mr. Hanuman,
You think that way. But you are wrong.
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kasailai pani generalize nagarau.... jo jaha bata ako cha tehi anusar question garcha. arulai naramo vanneko kahile ni ramro hudaina. What goes around comes around!!
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These 2 questions will help you figure out someone's legal/financial status

1) काम के गर्नुहुन्छ ?
2) फ्यामिली यतै कि उतै ?

अनि अर्को बिर्सन नहुने कुरा, कुनै नेपाली ले राम्रो अंग्रेजी बोल्छ, घर किनेको छ र white collar जब गर्छ भने उसको status अरुको भन्दा माथि हुने गर्छ | कोइ कोइ मान्छे हरुचाई coping mechanism ले गर्दा आकाश पाताल हाक्ने गुफ्फ़ दिन्चन तर भित्र भित्र खोक्रो हुन्छन
Ruler of the wasteland
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अझ kohi kohi le ta ghar kaha ho kathmandu nai ho ki aru katai ho bhanera sodchhan...
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@NepaliBudho, so you think you know them all DV Winners-Pakhe haru, don't you? I take that offensive, and of course you know why now. Can you please kindly help me out what in the world i did to get tagged as "pakhe"? Yes I am a DV winner with bachelor & Masters from US, working in multi billion dollar international company since the day I graduated. I proudly represent my country to foreigners I meet in every meetings & lunches -dinners I attend. I have a decent living and just full filling my American dreams. Just because you came in F1- you think you are from Rich family ( assuming you re so called pakhes are poor), you think you only belong to city ( assuming you re so called pakhes are from villege), & you think you are cool & educated but rest of are not? You think only F1 students struggle but green card holders dont!?
My fren, I doubt if your level of thinking is the one that should be tagged as "pakhe". Agree mojority of dv winners get free pass plus don't get the same level of pressure to maintain status, so what? Was DV application limited to only pakhes? Why don't you try filling up now & get your motherfcking sh!t together? Never too late, b!tch
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I missed to include some exception on my statement. My view or comment excludes those hard working students who struggled very hard to get into legal status and professional job. My comment was mainly for those who simply won the DV and came to work in stores without any struggle. They are really really पाखे. I have seen thousands of them. They never intend to present you education and skills. They are just like those who went to Arab to work. Only difference is that these DV पाखेs are damn lucky.
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I feel sorry each and every one of you. You go hangout in these Nepali circle, come back here, complain and bash the same nice people who were kind enough to host you at their house or party.
The funny thing, you can't live without these same people. Matter of fact, you very well know that you don't exist without these people If you hated those questions so much, you would have avoided those people right? You would think. You just go to these party so you can undermine these very same people. And people like you disgust me. Stop being a bit**h. Live and let live. If you have problems with Pakhe Nepali people asking Pakhe questions, stop going to these
pakhe gathering. Simple as that.
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Lets discuss who is better in the USA!!!

1.F1 ma aune haru
2. DV parera aune haru
3.Consultancy bata greencard banaune haru
4. Asylum hanera greencard banaune haru
5. Asylum pending ma hune haru
6.Nepali bihe garera greencard banaune haru
7.Khaireni/kali/mexa bihe garera greencard banaune haru
8.Kehi option nabhayepachi Army gayera citizen hune haru
9. Army janai maan lagera gayera citizen banuane haru
10. F1 ma ayera ,2-3 choti samma dv naparera, consultancy bata kaam napayera, asylum
pending bhayera, bihe gareko kali gold digger parera finally army join garera, army ko
shipping date naayeka haru

No matter what our status is at the end, we are just fking immigrants like any other else.
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Aafu padheko re. Jaannne re. Ani dv wala haru lai nichoo dekhaaune . Yo kasto padhe lekheko ho? Bichara dv wala haru hourly job garcha bhane then be happy you have a high paying white color job instead of calling them paakhe and stuff. Take the high road. Kei jaleko ko po gandha aayo yeha ta. Nepal ma dignity of labour bhanera social studies ma padhe thiye. Saayed Nepal ma matra laagu huncha hola.eta dv wala haru 12 pass garera hourly job garyo bhane paakhe. Student haru ocean city ma ghanta handa wah gas station ma ghanta haanda working for a better life. Interesting.
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