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Finally, TPS Advance Parole Travel Document Arrived but ...
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Tito Satya
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Finally, the TPS Advance Parole Travel Document Arrived but ...

It has the following warning

"Travel Warning regarding Unlawful Presence"

check with authorized party re: whether leaving US would make you inadmissible therefore inadmissible for adjustment of status.

My niece overstayed her visa by few months while awaiting approval of H1b which was eventually not approved due to delay in filing by lawyer (about 1-2 week) , however she got TPS instead. Now she wants to go to Nepal for few months, come back then reapply for H1b, greencard or F1..

If you had experience traveling on TPS Advance Parole Travel Document, please tell us how it was for you while returning to USA on TPS Advance Parole and advise if the risk is worth it...

Has anybody from Nepal with TPS AP been sent back from Airport in USA,
Thank you...
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हैट ! मेरो जेठा बा को पो छोरो रहेछ त हौ ! मेरो नै नाम गरि ! हैट !
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