Need to send 25K to Nepal
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Need to send 25K to Nepal. If anyone needs $$$ then I am more than happy to do an exchange as long as they are willing to offer better rates than Prabhu, Xoom or Western Union. If not then don't bother. PM me if interested. Location is Northern California, SF area. TY.
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Lol, what is this?? Request or a dhamki?
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This was a kind request with an exception indicating not to waste their time if they're not willing to give good offer. IDK from which part of the world you see it as a dhamki. It depends upon how you see it!! That reminds me of wonderful song by Ani Choying, "Fulko aakhama fulai sansar, kada ko akha ma kadai sansar."
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Football, if i read it, I would read it as in WARNING message lol. Ani btw I have made transaction in Prabhu ko exchange rate when I had to make the transaction even with people, they said they will go for Prabhu ko exchange rate.. Ani afu le chai k Nepal Rastra Bank bhanda pani ki 10 Rs besi khojdai chau bro ?
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Guitarcenter, my two cents. I am a legal immigrant and earned my income by paying all the taxes. It's not a cash money that I earned from the gas station. If I were to get the same rate as Prabhu then I might as well use Prabhu, which is safe and secured. Why should I take a risk of doing with someone unknown???
Second, sending money to Nepal is not a big deal but bringing money from Nepal is. It's not easy to bring money from Nepal to the U.S. legally. Hence, if I am expecting few profit from those who are trying to bring money, is there any harm? It will be win win for both, correct me if I am wrong??
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Fck u scanmer
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All the posts on Sajha about sending money to Nepal is a scam. Fcking nepali wannabe’s dhoti scammers. The previous post person just scammed my friend.
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"I am a legal immigrant and earned my income by paying all the taxes"
- OP/Legal immigrant is trying to send money through a backdoor money laundering scheme.

"It's not a cash money that I earned from the gas station."
- While cash workers send money legally through Prabhu/Xoom/Western Union.

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C numbers...

"I am a legal immigrant and earned my income by paying all the taxes"
- OP/Legal immigrant is trying to send money through a backdoor money laundering scheme.
----Is there any harm on legal immigrants trying to make few extra bucks???

"It's not a cash money that I earned from the gas station."
- While cash workers send money legally through Prabhu/Xoom/Western Union
----When I say cash workers, I am talking about non-immigrant like students or coming thru mexico who don't have SS#. Prabhu, Xoom and WU, all needs a SS# to send large amount of money. Now, you tell me how the cash workers send money?
that awkward moment
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Such transactions are considered money laundering in United States!
that awkward moment
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@Football , if you are that rich and your money is hard earned, you wouldn’t advertise here is Sajha. Rearrange your shit, and find a legal way to do your business.
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फूटबल, तिमीले गर्न र भन्न खोजेको कुरा एउटा हो| अलि polite भएर गरेको भए यसमा बहसको विषय नै छैन, तर तिम्रो OP वास्तवमै घमण्डी र त्यसपछिका उत्तरहरु अरुलाई होच्याउने खालका मात्र नभएर यो मान्छे फ्र्ड नै हो कि भन्ने भान दिने खालका छन|
'हेर उताबाट पैसा ल्याउन गार्हो हुने र मैले अरु channel को भन्दा नाफा आउने आशले इच्छुकसंग सम्पर्क गर्न खोज्दै छु' भन्ने खालको पोस्ट लेखेको भए, शायद तिम्रो काम बनिसक्थ्यो| तिमीले बिगार्यौ, ल अर्को छद्म नामबाट profile खोल अनि पोस्टिउ|
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Altijdgoede, apologies if my OP was offensive. That was not my intention at all. Let's not take it further as if we have less post to make the forum polluted. TY all.
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Ehh Football sathi timi ta testo legal rahechau. Baru Bank of America batai pathau. Aru bata pathayau bhane Money Laundering bhanne kuro nai huncha. Testo legal manche ra legal kamai cha bhane yesto kaam garnu hunna. BOA, Chase, Wellsfargo bata pathaunus. Galti bho hajur lai finger point garekoma
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this is freaking funny...

I have done few times, but never with anyone that I do not know. I once tried doing with someone from here in Sajha and we talked in phone too But the guy request was too weird.

the only question is - Who is going to transfer/give money 1st?

This is my theory - People usually sending money do not look for anyone since it is easy to send money. Your bank can do for arnd $40-$50 and you can send as dollar currency rather than Nrs. In Nepal bank will give you with the exchange rate set by Nepal Rastra Bank according the date of transfer.

Its the people who wants to bring money is usually the one looking for people.

Also, I know this is illegal, But morally with people that is not their bread and better should be allowed (personal opinion..)

DO NOT DO ANY TRANSACTIONS OTHER THAN YOUR CLOSE FRNDS and RELATIVES. I would rather pay some extra and have peace of mind.

P.S. - I know it is hard to bring money from Nepal. But It depends also on the cause. Students will have no problem bringing money from Nepal, just need to follow proper paper works.
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@guitar center : is right.

@football: timile 25K legally pathaune ho vane you are coming under the radar of tax office, no matter what. Tehi dar le 25K arko bato pathauna kohjeko hola.
Even if you split your transaction and send it frequently you will be on the radar.
Even if the money was non taxed earning, you won't be in any trouble since you are just a small fish.

Ani yesto samasya pareko manche le parbhu or chaleko rate vanda badhi magne ani legal bato pani khojne - you chahi ali milena bro.

When you send money without providing records of any means - that's illegal. It's not likely punishable crime unless its a blood or drug money. - chetana vaya !

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