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Advance Parole Documents
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Hi Everyone,

I know this topic may have been already published but I need a little more information before I apply for Advance Parole.

My TPS Is currently pending, I want to apply for advance parole so that I can visit for Dashain/Tihar or in December whenever the AP gets approved. I completed my OPT in 2017 and I have been in TPS after that, will this create a problem while returning back to the USA, as my visa has expired? I do know AP works as Visa to enter the United States but these are just some questions I have.

I have also written down a cover letter explaining the purpose of my travel. Do I need to show any other reason or proof? Will the reason for Dashain Vacation be enough to expedite my application?

I do have my TPS receipt notice, 2 passport photo, Money order, copies of my passport, I-94, pay stubs. 

Your suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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