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things to do to start IT consulting company
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what needs to be done by gc holder to start IT consulting company?
LLC or C or S?
I assume LLC.
what's the procedure.
Thanks in advance.
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Mail me changsui@dimsumclub.com. Very useful software for your IT company. You give me feedback of you like. Thank you.
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Hello deepocean,
Where are you intending to establish the IT Consulting company? Message me. I will give you some tips.
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If u want to buy existing LLC let me know.
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Main and first thing to do. Have a tonne of money.
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No money no investment
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all the replies to my question are irrelevant. may be my question is not right itself.
no, i don't have $$ to invest. i am broke.
All i want is to provide c2c IT consulting service to the client instead of working on w2. If i am not wrong, to provide c2c service i need to have my own registered company which i want to expand with other IT consultants in future.
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deepocean, to provide c2c also as middle company first you need contacts to companies.. if there are contractors available you have to run their payroll, if you want legit like Teksystems and all then you need some strong presence in the market, else for now you have to be like others-- you know what i mean, then for that you will have to pay your contractors for some expense if they are out of contract.. good lawyers contact as well.. If you have just entered the IT market even you mentioned on some post you are GC holder, i would recommend you be consultant for some time and see how these companies work, then you dive into it.. I would apologize if I am off topic
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And other thing.. the way things are going these days.. until and unless you have contractors with GC, then forget it, it will tough... and if I have GC i would never use 3rd or 4th party vendor, I would reach out to prime vendor.. there are jobs everywhere..
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thanks guitarcenter
hmm it's been a while i have been working in IT. All my jobs are either permanent with the company or I worked as contractors on w2. Yes, I am gc.
Now, I want to work directly with client on c2c to establish a good relation with companies so that in future i can hire contractors for their project and they could trust me.
yes, something like Tek system.
So, all i wanted to know if i have to register a company for that and if yes is it be LLC or C or S?
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i think you can go with llc. i dont have consultancy but if you google some old consultancies they are llc. i don't believe someone who has one will really help you, this is my experience.
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if you have landed on a job through consultancy then it should explain most of the thing. you only need someone who is willing to take the job. finding a job should not be a problem.
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thank you guys. my entire effort was to be familiar with the process. to some extent, all your replies do help. thank you for your time and suggestion. cheers!!
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