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Wifi network
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What tools are used to block my neighbors from connecting to my wifi?

According to my friend's recommendation, he said that this device can completely block wifi, do you think it is feasible?

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First option: Lock your wifi network with a strong password. Then, do not share the password.
Second option: Log into your router, and block the MAC address of the devices, you do not want to connect your wifi network. In that way, even though your neighbor knows the password, their device cannot get connected because the MAC address is already locked.
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First option will be changing password. Other one as Tito said every ISP provides you their site where you can manage or control your devices and password. If you see new device there in your network just block it. If your neighbor changes his Mac address. Then manage your network just to accept MACs from your devices only. Deny all others
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There is a software which you can use to view all the websites visited by any device connected on your wifi network. You can see what page they are currently browsing or downloading. You can block all the adult sites visited by them and also by any visitors. You can easily sneak on your friend browsing in another room from your computer.
It also works on mobile hotspot. 
Xfinity use to provide it with extra charge, but now they don’t provide it.
Contact me changsui@dimsumclub.com if you want to download the software.

Last edited: 07-Jul-18 06:39 PM
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Already received messages, 9 people interested and great feedback. Thank you for the use of our Software. More information please message. Thank you.
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If you are parent who wants to sneak on what their kid is browsing or if you are couple trying to know what your partner is upto.
Feel free to msg me. Limited downloads available.
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Mr Chang, as you advertise here about your software using as device tracker, seems like whoever would use your software, you are trying to get the information from whoever using your software too lol.. Keep on promoting your software lol.. I am out atleast.. hahahha
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No, I don’t take any Information. I like Nepalese people so i help. I don’t post my google drive link public so i ask to mail And I will provide my google drive link individually to download.
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So is this property too that u created ?why it is not out there in public?
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Does your software also come with these warning?

If a person intercepts someone else's email and *discloses* that information, he or she can face a 5 year prison sentence for the crime. But, under federal and Florida law, simply accessing stored email without permission is only considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a year or less in prison.

S 156.05 Unauthorized use of a computer.
A person is guilty of unauthorized use of a computer when he or she
knowingly uses, causes to be used, or accesses a computer, computer
service, or computer network without authorization.
Unauthorized use of a computer is a class A misdemeanor.

S 156.10 Computer trespass.
A person is guilty of computer trespass when he or she knowingly uses,
causes to be used, or accesses a computer, computer service, or computer
network without authorization and:
1. he or she does so with an intent to commit or attempt to commit or
further the commission of any felony; or
2. he or she thereby knowingly gains access to computer material.
Computer trespass is a class E felony.
Last edited: 10-Jul-18 07:32 AM
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Ark That is why it is not in Public.
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No email or password. Only list of device connected and all the sites visited by them. 17 Nepali brothers messaged and downloaded the software. I receive good feedback.
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Interested Mr. Jacob.
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Helpful for parents like me to limit my 12 year old kids internet usage.
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Sorry, One more question. Windows or mac? ios?
Jacob Chang
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Currently supports Windows 7,8,10 and Chrome OS only. Not for Mobile OS. Thank you
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Can we limit youtube usage? I am sick of my small nephews hooked up on youtube 24 hours. US is not a good place for a child to grow up. Too much violence on youtube and they watch 24 hrs, dab and shit.
Last edited: 10-Jul-18 04:26 PM
Jacob Chang
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Yes you can limit the internet speed for any device connected. The youtube video will buffer slowly and can keep kids away. Thank you
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