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Lets create a timeline of TPS application:

EAD and TPS application received: May 30
Biometrics waiver: June 2
processing in IOE, receipt from NSC
No further updates yet.
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TPS, EAD, and AP applications signed and sent on or around May 22.
Biometrics waived.
TPS approved on June 02.
EAD produced on June 05.
TPS approval notice received on June 06.

EAD send garcha hola aba in a day or two.

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It should be July not June
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Oh yes!! Sorry hai. July bhanna laagya June bhayecha. Thanks for the correction nsb. :)
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Last time it took about 3 months to begin approval notices. so I do not believe a grain of sand when, so called, "StatusPidit" says his request is approved already......From the USCIS website, the timeline to clear 821 from Nebraska location is 3.5 to 5.5 months....believe that!!!!
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Submitted: 06/14/2018
Receipt date: 06/15/018 (821, 765)
Mail delivered: 06/18/2018 (three 821, 765, Online account)
Biometric waiver: 06/21/2018
New card on production:07/06/2018
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Mahasaya, you are entitled to your opinion. Here is my approval letter that came in the mail just today (i.e. Friday).

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Mitra StatusPidit,
I did not mean any disrespect - I was interpreting the facts as I saw it. It is good that you are all set with the approvals, and hopefully we'll all have similar responses.
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Okay cha ta. :) :)
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Hello StatusPidit,

May I ask tapai ko TPS/EAD kun service center bata processing vayeko ho. I am waiting for EAD and there are job offers on the line.

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Everest.. re-registration period start bhako 2-3 din samma ma nai apply gareko bhaye chitai nai auucha.. mero pani approval letter ayi sakyo.. EAD on the way .. site ma produced bhani sakeko cha.. processing center chai IOE bhanera ako thiyo.. Hope that helps..
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Hmm...seems like this approval process is completely random, I still haven't seen any change on my side.
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Hello everestial007,

I don't exactly know mero case kun chai processing center maa gaako thyo. I had sent it to Chicago. What I can tell you is the first 3 letters of my case #s (for all TPS, EAD, and AP) start with IOE. They call it their "Integrated Operating Environment" location. My EAD says it's produced already. Just waiting for it to come in the mail. You may want to show the Federal Register to your employer, that's what I did. Good luck!!
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@guitarcenter maile TPS chito nai apply gareko thiye, infact mer online case status ma May31 ko "Received Case and Mailed receipt" ko notice cha.

@StatusPidit: According to online notification, mero parni IOE mai process gareko cha.

Hope I will receive it soon. The problem to my situation is that I never applied to EAD because I was receiving Graduate Student Support from the department, Aba December ma graduate hune ho but I am already in Job Market. That way I can have job earlier than F1 opt approval. Also, F1 opt EAD card auna about 4 months lagdo rahecha, but just wanted to go for it this time. Pahile apply na gareko huna le Federal Register ko notice isn't helpful to me.

But, thanks for update guys !
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I just checked on my case status. Mero EAD card send garyo rey, will get it this week.

Good luck, everyone!!
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Please share if anyone has any updates on TPS/EAD approval or delivered.
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My status hasn't changed at all.
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everestial007, I got my EAD in the mail last week. Good luck bro!!
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No changes whatsoever till now.
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Submitted: 07/02/2018
Receipt date: 07/13/018 (821, 765)
New card on production and approval notice:07/16/2018
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Mero ma ajhai pani kehi change chaina. How is someone receiving EAD so early but somebody not when application receipt date is actually the same. My receipt date is May 31, but no other updates so far.
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