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TPS Timeline
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Lets create a timeline of TPS application:

EAD and TPS application received: May 30
Biometrics waiver: June 2
processing in IOE
No further updates yet.
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In my case, going to the field office helped me a lot. Actually I was suggested by the USCIS supervisor (from the call center) to visit field office as my case has been pending long than a normal time. Normally USCIS field office entertains your case if it has been delayed a way long than it's normal processing time or in extreme urgent situation. In both cases you have to present some evidences. The field officers pull out your case in front of you and talk with the officer at the respective service center, so they can give you specific information. The officers at the USCIS field office were so nice, professional and willing to help people. I got my AP document within couple of hours. Now in your case, requesting expediting process won't work until it shall pass 90 days. And of course, current administration is taking more scrutiny in each case. You do not have other option besides to wait..Good luck
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@Gmajor: on which exact day (90th or before) did you go to field office. What kind of documents did you take?
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Thank you for sharing your exp. I have few questions for you if you don't mind sharing the info.

1. You went to filed office for urgent AP after 5 months of wait, right. Do u happen to know if we can apply for AP and then go to the field office for urgent cases like within less than 90 days cases? What kind of document did you show to explain your urgency?

2. How many times have you travel with your AP?

3. I want to apply for AP, never done it before and my TPS/EAD renewal is pending right now for about two months. Is it good idea to submit AP now or wait until get the renewed documents?


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Mine was pretty smooth:
TPS/EAD renewal receipt date: July 10
Biometric waiver: July 13
TPS/EAD approval: August 8th
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@ds46180 : wonderful that your application ead approved in less than 30 days.
I am not sure kun khadus sanga mero application pareko cha.
After 3 terms of TPS application and 7 years in USA as F1 student I think this delay has less to do with background check but more to do with the khadus handling my case.
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@DS46180 : what time today did you receive the approval update ?
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Anyone with TPS/EAD approval update ??
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TPS and EAD was received by Chicago center on 07/16. Both were approved as of Yesterday 08/08. TPS - Approved, EAD -Card production. Waiting for the mail man now. -Thank you & Good Luck!
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Mero ta biometric date nai aayeko chaina k Garne hola
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What is you timeline? Did you try to check other number before after yours?

Yo pachi pathaune ko hune agi pathaune ko nahune. K para ho. khai k khai k !
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I got an interesting finding today, thought to share. If you send your inquiry using "myuscis" login, they will reply to back instantly. I have never seen USCIS responding within couple of hour and give u complete detail. Other day, I had question on changing my status from TPS to F2 and what would be better option to go about. I send inquiry request around 1:00 PM and got call at 4:00 PM. They tell u what would be the best thing to go about.

I think if u tell your situation and your job pending on card, I think they will help you. you wont know until you give it a shot!

Good luck!
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thanks for the update. I knew that I could write to them, but had hesitated - reason being that responses from USCIS officer really depends on that officer.
Looks like you had a good response. I tried to stay optimistic and just wrote a brief message explaining my situation. Hope I will hear from them in couple of hours, if not I am going to call today. Today is the 77th day and it's frustrating not to see even small changes in the application.

On the side note: My wife's situation is similar (trying to transition from TPS to F2), I am in full F1 though. Our document was accepted 33 days ago.
If you would like we can stay in a personal communication on this matter. I will inbox you my number. If you would like to talk give me a call.


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TPS only without EAD

Application sent via USPS: July 20
Application Acceptance notice: July 25
Biometric Reuse: July 28
TPS approval without EAD sent: August 6
Damn last time it took 6 month to apprived. This time is 15 days.
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Bro, I had changed my mind to travel since it took 5 months so I postponed my plan for later while waiting for AP. But suddenly my mother did not feel well and she had to undergo surgery. I got PTO approval from my work and I got doctor's letter which explained about medical emergency. I called USCIS and explained the situation and they suggested me to get an infopass appointment and visit field office with all relevant documents. Unfortunately, I did not get any appointment by close date so I just walked in and my luck favored me. I traveled to Nepal after 2 days of AP approval from the field office. I spent 2 months in Nepal and returned via Abu Dhabi pre clerance and it was very smooth. I traveled only once by using AP. I hope this information helps.
Khai ko khai ko
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Application Acceptance notice: June 6
TPS approved :August 10
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Anyone with new TPS/EAD update?
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Seems like USCIS is doing a Last-In-First-Out process. Even people who applied in July have gotten their documents.
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I applied July 10. Still waiting for biometric notice
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Those who applied after June 24 2018, those are coming on time but who applied before that it’s taking time as I have noticed. coz in federal register it was mentioned not to apply before any notice is published. So in this case in my opinion it’s not right to blame USCIS.
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Read the federal register notice: https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/temporary-protected-status/temporary-protected-status-designated-country-nepal
The application date interval was from May 22-July23.
Last edited: 14-Aug-18 09:05 PM
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