H-1B 2018/2019: कसैको approval notice आयो?
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Hello saathi haru, namaste!!

Balla balla apply garda garda yo paali mero H-1B pick bhaako ho. April ko 2nd week ma tero case lottery maa pick bhayo bhanera khabar aauda mutu le thaau chhodya thyo. However, USCIS has not given any further information as of now. I keep on checking the case number multiple times a day but there is no update. I have also checked with my lawyer but even he doesn't have any idea when I'll get the final approval letter. My current company had applied for my H-1B under the Master's cap. I am currently working on TPS. I have already received my Canadian visa (just in case, to go outside of the country for H-1B visa stamping because my lawyer said adjustment of status is not possible in my case since I only have TPS and no other status). TPS pahila I was working under OPT.

Has anyone received their approval (or any RFE) after your application passed the lottery for this year's H-1B program? I'd really appreciate any help or insights you can provide.

Jai Nepal!!
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Good Luck @ChorNepali
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change to premium processing
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@chornepali, no brother. Ajjhai kei update chaina yaar. :(
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Received RFE today. :(
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What is the RFE about?
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It will take 3-4 days to receive the letter but most likely about specialty education which is pretty much impossible to overturn.
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chornepali bro, I am so sorry to hear that. Did you discuss with your employer and lawyer to send them further evidence and fight back on your case?

Mero ta tyo ni aako chaina yaar. I fear, they might extend it to September samma ani siddhai reject garchha hola, without RFE or any other explanation. The rules are changing from September eleven bhanne sunya chu maile.
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I haven't yet received the RFE letter. It usually takes 4-5 days. My employer's lawyer is so incompetent that I hope the RFE is just about some of her stupidity while filling and not about the specialty occupation.
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September 11 memo only apply to the cases that are filed after September 11. If your case is filed before that date, they will not reject it without issuing a RFE of NOID. If you are concerned about timely approval of your case, switch to premium processing for good. Most probably you will get approval given your case is strong. Even if your case gets rejected, you will have enough time to act accordingly. Nowadays, it is not guaranteed that your case will be decided within 240 days.
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Found out that my RFE is about Speciality Occupation. It's not what I wanted. :(
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You might already know this to track,
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Any new friends here who received H-1B approval or RFE? Mero ta ajjhai na ta RFE aayo na ta approval nai aayo. :(
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Same situation ta approval na ta RFE.....Case was Received mai adkiraxa
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@Slazz11 bro, mero ni tyei haal cha. :( USCIS ma check garda April 12 dekhi tyei status maa adkiraako dekhaucha. Khai ke ho ke ho. Runa mann laagi sakyo.
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Forgot to mention here, my case was approved last Friday. :)
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Congratulation Bro
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Commenting again because I wanted to share one more information.

I received my H1b approval today and I confirm that I do not have to leave US and come back to activate my H1. I received i94 along with my approval which is valid till 2021.

My employer had filed a change of status from TPS to H1b.
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Can you tell if your client letter had end date mentioned in it? Heard now days H1b date is based on the project end date mentioned in the client letter.
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@itahariko, I didn't have end date mentioned in the client letter. But my vendor letter clearly had an end date which is for Feb 2019.
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hi, congrats to all. anyone going to Nepal for stamp?
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