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Accident / Medical and Other Expenses above limit
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Good afternoon all,

I had an accident, I had an accident, where both car were totaled, and the person in the other car had to go to hospital. Recently, bill was sent showing 20K not including other Pain and suffering and other that comes later. My insurance only covers upto 25K, For sure over the amount I will not be able to pay even with the settlement. I did little research on how much would the total settlement amount would come up, I am assuming time 3 to 5 which is written there. So, in these kind of situation, what would one do. If any people have been through or know someone who would guide/suggest. Please let me know. DImag kharab bhayi ra cha.. Nindra pani lagdaina hau.. Please need some recommendation/suggestion/advice.
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Make a 10 years plan to payoff the hospital bill . They will agree for sure. Like 200 per month
Joseph Sharma
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hait yar 7 pusta 5 hajar tirna ni talai yesto dar raicha .. 7 pusta sabai sajha mai sodne raichas bhai
Joseph Sharma
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dimag kharab nindra kehi lagdaina raicha talai bhai... SANO ACCIDENT HUDA jabo 2 3 hajar tirda.. ari aru ko famaili tragedi huda halp magda chai mukh bhari ko gali garna majja uacha
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chi kne joseph sharma, ta mu ji lai raamro sallah dina aaudaina bhane laadaa comment gari raako chik ne] ...aru lai kasto peer pareko chha ta chik ne joke garera udaune???
Last edited: 08-Oct-18 03:52 PM
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Dkhanal bro, somehow Joe is misunderstanding my user with someone else who happened to comment something bad in other posts. And he just dug up my old post as blast from the past thing. But this situation is handled bro. All good here. But somehow Joe is just still mad at something which I dont get it at all
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