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Is FREE good ?
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A free coffee!
A free sample!
A free food!
A free advice!

You get a lot of free stuffs these days...
Almost all of them come with something attached. They might be doing a survey or influence you to buy a product. Some are offered for free so that you visit them again.

Is free good?
Would you rather pay for it than get it for free?
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Haldar kale
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I have alot thing for free. Need to be in California
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Free is OK; it gives me a chance to try new stuffs which otherwise I would not pay out of my pocket to do so. They may very well try to influence their ideas or products on me but in the end I get to decide if I liked the 'free' stuff. Just don't feel obliged to buy or try their products right away, I know, it is hard to resist when you have a cute marketing chick on the other side ;)
BTW, when is a free cup of coffee not good?
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@panacea very true.
Most of the time you can't help but feel obliged to buy.

They say - free money is one of the worst enemy.
One of the best example I have seen in Canada are the aboriginals - they are imprisoned in a virtual jail of money. The government stops allowances if they go out of their designated area.
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