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How to watch WC 2018 without cable ?
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Hey guys,

I wanted to know if anyone has any idea on how I can watch the live world cup matches in my TV without having to buy any cable service? I have a cox cable starter pack which doesn't include any good sports channels like FS1 , FOX etc (I'll have to pay extra for those and I don't want to).
Any suggestions ?

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Sling blue will have all the games
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kantipur tv
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Sling Blue will have only 32 matches... That is what Sling customer service told me. As per them, FS1 is only going to broadcast World cup matches live and it is going to broadcast 32 matches live. Rest 32 matches, you have to tune to your local fox sports channel which you can get via antenna. And it is free of cost.

There is another package in Sling tv which broadcasts all 64 matches live (Commentary NOT in English though), and it costs you just $9.99 plus applicable tax. It is Sling World Sports package.

Note: The information is based on my telephonic conversation with Sling TV customer service.
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I think you can subscribe to Youtube.tv for a 6 months subskription of $40. Cancel after the world cup is over.
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Atiranjeet, it's $40 for a month, not 6 months. But yes, you can cancel it after a month with zero fees, because they offer first month free.

SRV44, try rushmore (dot) tv
It costs you money though, but very little. If you are a sports fan, you will love it. Enjoy!! ;)
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kantipur tv youtube or app I guess its free.
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Use antenna
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Dude, FOX is over-the-air channel (broadcast television) that you get for free just like NBC, ABC and CBS. It should come with any basic cable BOX, if not, which I highly doubt it, get a digital antenna and you will get all over-the-air channels for free(of course, not all; it will depend on the position of antenna and how far you are from the TV stations).
Anyway, FOX will broadcast 38 games live out of 64. Rest 26 games can be watched on FS1 and other content providers like Fubo, Sling Blue, Direct Now. But, if you are in the market where they have Telemundo then you will be able to watch the remaining games, most likely in Spanish. So brush-up your Spanish now if you want to understand the commentary apart from the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.....lol
Hoping for a great WC2018....Cheers!!
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You can check whether FOX (or some other over the air channel) is available in your area here:

There are $10-$20 or more HDTV antennas that can be installed near the TV, attic, outside (and connect to cable TV inlet for your home). Power is needed to connect the booster if you live too far from the tower.

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Pretty sure ktv HD will not be available during the matches
Haldar kale
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Install Direct TV. I can help you. 4k channel , great pictures
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How about online websites? Are there any websites streaming live?
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@ujl , not sure if the following link will stream the world cup games but I use it for epl and la liga, extremely good streaming!


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check this one out.
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I don't think you need cable to watch the games. I think it's on local channel fox 4
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I think Kantipur TV will broadcast all the match. You can watch Kantipur TV live on youtube.
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If you have some patience to wait until the year 2026, well, you can watch WC matches in person at a number of stadiums right here in the US, Canada and Mexico.

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