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Hey all,
Does anyone have any experience in travelling to KTM via Delhi TRANSIT (NOT STOP) ?
Please let me know of any weird or uncomfortable situations you may have faced!

Thanks !
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Don't if you have an overnight transit, it's not worth saving few bucks. They will give you a heck of trouble. Several years ago, they scammed couple of my American friends into paying extra luggage fees. Other Nepalese have reported harassment.
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I travelled to Nepal via Delhi in 2015. Like everyone, i was skleptical about the route and heard many bad experiences from previous traveller. Also, I tried my best to avoid that route but I booked the flight last minute due to cancellation of my previous flight. Long story short, i had the best experience ever, the flight steward moved us to the front seat, provided us with bassinet, took turn to bring us food so we could take turn to wathc our kid and packed some snacks for our 5 hour transit(this was a first for us) at the airport.
The airport was little warm, i think the AC wasn't working properly. Other than that I didn't have any problems. Safe travels to you.

Disclaimer: it is just based on my expereince so, it might be diffrent from someone's else.
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Many years back the first time i came to US was via delhi. After we reached delhi, a guy came collecting our passports. He came back almost after 2hrs when it was almost time to board the plane. Thinking about it gives me a chill. What if he never came back or even if he was a crook. Because of that i have never travelled via India again.
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Thank you all for the reply!
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