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F1 CPT - complications!
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Hello guys,

This post is regrading F1 CPT:

So I am done with all my coursework for masters and already have a job offer from a related company for this summer. I could not graduate in May though due to some technical issue. So I wanted to use CPT to work in summer and then graduate at the end of summer and continue full time with the company afterwards. However, my department says I can't do so because I already have all the coursework completed and also they don't have any internship course listed for the department.
Please let me know what my options are.

Thanks in advance!
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Apply for pre-completion OPT and use it to work full time in Summer. And after graduation apply for post-completion OPT and continue working for the same job.
More info : https://www.uscis.gov/opt
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Thanks NE_Patriots. Do you know how long is the processing time for the precompletion OPT?
What kind of paperworks are required?
It seems like regular OPT processing time has been increased lately from 3 months to almost 4 months now. Thanks in advance.
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Your college should have International Student Center. Go there and ask DSO about the documents and processing times.
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I was in a similar situation last year. However, my university does not allow the CPT for the last semester or the semester which you are graduating. I had an interview on sept and was asked if i could join in October. As you know it takes about 90 days to get the opt these days so it was not possible. My employer suggested i talk to my DSO about CPT but i was told CPT is not allowed for the final semester.

Now, the precompletion OPT takes almost same time as regular OPT. If you are doing thesis-based masters then you can defend as soon as you can and once you finalize the defense date, you could apply the OPT ASAP.

If your masters in non-thesis based, and you have to take some class in summer then I think you cannot start OPT before the end of summer semester. BUt you can apply 90 days in advance.
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