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I130 though green card spouse
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Any one apply for I130 through green card holder spouse? Its been almost 2 yrs, still not approved. :(. USCIS say they send to local office, but still its taking longer time than expected. NEED HELP . Anyone, how long it take to approved from local office ?.
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I130 for 2 years. Something is lost somewhere. I never heard fo that. Mine was approved in 3 months. I suggest you either email or call them. If u still unsure, get a lawyer. I think the one u submitted has been outdated or might have been lost.
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Which service center was it sent to ? You can look for the normal processing times for individual service centers
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I’m in a same boat but my application is failrly new.. i applied about 2 months ago... processing time does varies from one center to another... mine is california service center...according to thier calculations, its showing anywhere from 15-19 months but with this new administration who knows? Hope u get ur things resolved soon
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Is there any logic about where you petition get forwarded to.. Have heard that if you file i130 in california, it will not go to california service center. Is that any true??
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Mine was approved in 4 months.
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@alien 24: What Service Ceneter was yours?
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kun service center ho bro ko?

kun service center ma file jancha random huncha ki california ko manche haru ko california service center ma jancha?
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Mine was Nebraska. I have no idea how they route ur files but mine was approved fairly quickly.
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guys, would it be better to wait for spouse to get citizenship or just apply for 130 while in gc? Can oneupgrade application if spouse gets citizenship while 130 is in processing state? current processing times for citizenship are a year behind on priority. Thanks..
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Alien24: thanks for the info bro... did ur application recently got approved or it has been a little while
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do you mind answering which state and citizen ki GC?
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So guys mine was filed on 2016 and was approved approx 4 months and my wife is LPR. When we filed I was in Utah and my service center was Nebraska.
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