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Not enough lobbying for TPS. ACT NOW!! Call your congressman now!!!
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Nepals TPS might not renew if you don't act now, call your congressman now. Leave a message or if someone answers leave/tell your name and city/county u live in and how important TPS renewal is for Nepal to rebuilt after massive earthquake.

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I called senator from my area, the office said they would pass along the message. that's all I could do, calling them
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contacted white house but they weren't aware of anything
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@user1, thanks, at least you called, that's true many senators or representatives even don't know about it. so call is very important
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This is a draft for a request call to your state senators for the extension of TPS. Please google the names of your state senator, find their phone numbers and read them this following draft. Lets do it unanimously.
Hello senator, my name is ...........,I'm calling from....and im a TPS recipient. I'm calling regarding its extension which is scheduled to expire on the 24th of June, 2018, 2 months from now. I'm calling you to urge the secretary of Homeland and Security for another extension due to my country's dire situation. The condition still is grave and needs deepest concern.
The positive decision taken on our behalf will help those recipients and their family directly and the Nepalese people as a whole. We shall be obliged to this great country of yours and will work to boost its economy. Thank you and God bless you.

Please help to spread this msg, share on facebook and messenger. Lets do it aggressively.

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Hello senator, my name is ...........,I'm calling from....and im a TPS recipient.

LOL if you're TPS recepient you are likely not citizen 100% then why they even have to listen to you? 

start like this instead: 

Hello senator, my name is ...........,I'm calling from....and im a  citizen of this state concerning TPS for nepal since many of my relatives are newcomers here and TPS recipient. (possible future votes for politician BOOM!!)

dimag laga paasa dimag..

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maybe 'constituent ' is the right word
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Hey controversial Pasa, what is so funny about a TPS recipient calling his Congressman? I hope you know this is a country of law, not a country of political affiliations and connections. Has this been a political stunt to generate votes, TPS wouldn't have been granted at the first place. Besides, TPS is a humanitarian aid and it really matters to Democrats and Republicans. Anyone can call them, they'll listen and act, unlike the corrupt government where we've come from. My intentions were just to take an initiative to reach the ears of the concerned authorities rather than doing nothing and gossiping. I hope you have called too, with a false alias. I prefer not, cause i want to be me, truthful and honest. Your suggestion is not bad though!
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@ controversial pasa , Any technique would work, it's up to you how you sell the story. Did you try to call btw, with this technique, if not call and support the TPS group
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 Did you try to call btw, with this technique, if not call and support the TPS group 

NO I will not ever  nor I believe shit like massive singing in  LOL  change.org   It's a waste of time.  Right now republican holds whitehouse, TPS is president's policy and his wand, contacting republicans telling you're a voter and TPS  needed for you relatives will have some attention, rest is just bullshit and bogus. Nepali  ngo's  here are politicizing it for their own benefit but who cares some ngo in boston lobbying  it ? they are from liberal city anyway. The best lobby  besides calling republican senators is just make fire ass of your nepali embassy here in US to tell homeland Security  the truth, current  condition in Nepal and ask lobby hard why they should continue TPS. NO need all other bullshits.  so start kicking ass of your countrymen instead of unrelated americans.

I hope you know this is a country of law,

not whole true but still nothing to do with law. Besides law is  your right, TPS is just a privileged keep that in mind. and then we proceed.  

My intentions were just to take an initiative to reach the ears of the concerned authorities rather than doing nothing 

but you're doing it wrong way. This is not Nepal where noise counts more than substance. 
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you can't call yourself citizen or voter when you are not. you can get into serious trouble . don't do that
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@ controversial
Pasa? 1st thing is, Why are you so hyper? 2nd, you seem to have some ego problem? Calm down, slow down buddy. 3rd, We need your help not your criticism at this moment. Call them rather than wasting time trying to prove your freaking point..if not..walk away..tata.. have a good day..

Some errors.
republican holds whitehouse- even a second grader can tell this. What a second grader can't tell is, Republican holds house majority (237 seats), senate and there's a republican elected candidate as the President.

law is your right- What do you mean, law is your right?? I've heard, right to Free speech, fire arm possession, litigation, vote, liberty and freedom....Please educate me.

I believe shit like massive singing in LOL change.org....??????????????? Are you on some meds?? LOL...

TPS is president's policy and his wand-?????????????Explain

Nepali ngo's here are politicizing it for their own benefit- How will politicizing this benefit them, educate me my fren.

your nepali embassy- What are you???

and lots and lots...tons..in fact..

Mukh ma j aayo tyai pyach pyach boldaima buddimani hundaina pasa...Buddi laga buddi pasa...

Last edited: 21-Apr-18 04:20 PM
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Syria le paako hunaale nepal le paune sakne prob derai chha
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@controversial: I see you have done your little analysis there and I understand your perspective, , 'NGOs are politicizing', if it is helping the TPS holders that's fine it is a mutual gain there. It obvious that pressing the Nepalese government bodies is the star way to communicate with DHS(which is already being done) but this is not the ONLY way to communicate with the DHS but it is one of the ways to do that. Calling is also adding fuel to lobbying process. So if you think nothing gonna happen doing that, it is like bending on your knees before you try it. It is pessimistic and your remarks like ' YOUR Nepali embassy, don't bother Americans etc', It looks like you are just trying to justify your username here.
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