IT job ko barema suggestions chahiyo !!!
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Mero background: New Grad Electrical Engineer, Green card holder, lives around DC area.
IT ko guru haru please mero aakha open garidinu hola. Mero interest either EE job or QA/Devops. IT training kaseri garne - online ki inclass (better kun huncha). IT training ko lagi fee tirnu parcha ki free nai huncha? IT job consultancy le nai khojne hoki afai le khonje ho. If you guys know any good IT consultancy, Please let me know.
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EE degree and already have gc why do you want to go to consultancy. That should be your last option after graduating in the most demanded and toughest degree. Now a days it's not like 5 -6 yrs ago , most managers and co workers already know.
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You have GC so find a job in your field you'll be more satisfied.
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I would appreciate if you could tell me how much do you make and in what area (location) and your skills set and what do you do after 6 years of IT ?

I am thinking about moving a career change.

Any help will be very much appreciated.
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Dhanyabad Sathi haru, I planned to do Devops and already found free class for training. IT career successful garne kehi tips cha bhane yeta share garam sathi bhai haru. Jay Nepal
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PanduDon which and where?
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Private message me my team is trying to get some EE engineers. I can refer you.
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Can you pls share more info on free Devops ? I am also looking for same.
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I am also in same situation. Thinking of doing either .net, devop or cloud.
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PanduDon training kata ho..
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Online training from Texas...Geek It Solution consultancy...Good Luck...
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Not worth my time. worthless training and trainer.
Anyone else know of some trainer that really know their stuff
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I tried that last year too. I could only hear some choppy voice most of the time. The instructor would not put down anything on the white board where the cam was focused so you could only hear the conversation in the class .
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i can teach their trainer a thing or two. that was complete waste of my time
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PanduDon can you check your inbox. Thanks
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K garchu yo IT ko kaam, 6 months ko kaam pauna 6 months lagne, Ani feri arko kaam pauna arko 6/7 month lagne.Kunii kunaii bela Tyo kaam ma pani fire/black list ani Aru k k ho k k.Kattham cha yo chor Bato bata IT ma entry huna.
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Thats why Im applying entry level Electrical Engineering job on the side. Baru koi sathi lai EE ko job tha cha bhane yeta khabar garau or refer garnu. Jay Nepal
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Patta bhako manche ali mehanat garera afai kaam khojnu chhaina k ko consultancy ko pachi lagna lako bro?
Bro mero ne patta chha ,I got a IT job by myself. I applied around 100 jobs, had 8 job interviews and finally got a full time IT job.
Ali mehanat garnu paryo ne sadai aru ley garidela bhanera ka huncha ta.Job apply garne ani interview dine pani tarika huncha once you learn it, its gonna be very easy.
Atleast din ko auta job apply gara 3-4 months samma, you will definitely land a job.
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Ani patta ko ni yaso suggestions paaye hunthyo? Kasari banaune ho patta chahi.
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@200times It's great that you found a job by yourself. What websites did you use? I am trying to find a full time job as a front end developer. I just have 4 months of internship experience. If you have any suggestions how to get through this then please let me know r tips.

Thanks in advance.
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I googled all the big companies from my area and directly applied from their company's website job postings. I also applied from indeed, glassdoor and linkedIn. Besides that, I joined the meetup group and met with a lot of people and built networking. I went to many job fairs and submitted my resume and connected with recruiters. It's not an easy process. Its time consuming, stressful but definitely worthful.Once you applied for a job always follow up with their company recruiters.
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