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Need your desperate medical advice for a person with TPS.
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Your advice is highly regarded.

A person in TPS status s going through health issue. It seems that the person is going to need a surgery. The person is having a pile that is causing bleeding while doing poop. It has become chronic now.
Unfortunately, he does not have medical insurance.

Thanks to you all.
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Have you seen a doctor for the problem? Doctor has suggested you to have a surgery or you are just speculating? If you haven't seen a doctor just go and see one.
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Check with a Free Clinic in your area(google free clinic) or Community health service or urgent care. They wont need health insurance and fee is no so much. Fyi...do not worry about the money, if you show less income or financial issue you can always negotiate your total bills.
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before it causes some other complications and get worse, go see a doctor right away. if there are desi doctors around they charge only couple of hundred dollars for a visit. even if you need a surgery they will refer it. you will have a lot of payment options, bill negotiation etc. this suffering just bcoz you dont have an insurance is worthless.
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