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plane crash near TIA airport
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in 1992 two airbuses (Thai and PIA) crashed near kathmandu airport. beside this, there has been number of small aircraft accidents near the airport. what is causing lots of crashes? dont we have good ATC or is it just pilot error or mechanical failure?
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ATV says the plane approached from the wrong direction. Also it was the same plane that skid previously in Bangladesh. May be a pilot error.
Nepal definitely needs to invest in modern ILS for the airport.
Baneko chha paharale
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As far as I have read the news it appears that the pilot deliberately did not follow the direction given by the ATC. It could not be understood why the pilot opted to land from the north side which is little tricky in Kathmandu airport. As per the news, the aircraft had no technical issues before landing. The reason for this crash appears to be a pilot error.
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