Paisa thulo amount ma legally kasari lyauney Nepal bata
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Legally staying under the radar... kasari thulo amount ma paisa Nepal bata lyauney?
huge amount like $200K

Leagal process k ho share gardinuna please?
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when u trying to pull this amount of money from nepal i aasume it is for business propose or GC via investment. if it is for GC i think it should be more than 250 k at a time, i really dont know wat is the purpose here

few time back i brought good sum of money like 78K from nepal n it was super easy ..this was for my business purpose so had to go inland revinue did income verification. they wrote letter to parastra ..pararastra then wrote letter to nrb ..took letter from nrb to my bank deposited equivalent cash n they directly camr to my acc here
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hi QAtester1, did you have to pay any taxes? did Nepal rastra bank let you just transfer that money?
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sorry do y ou have business in Nepal too or was it your inherited property?
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thank you so much for everyones input, I am not planning to apply for investment visa(got naturalized 7 years ago). Trying to bring it and deposit in the bank account so i can log in and look at it every morning and log off lol. Honestly plan kunai chaina tara just wondering how to cash in the inherited money and bring it here legally? I also heard that you get taxed in Nepal and here too?

I dont know how QA tester 1 did it so smoothly?
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