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P is a good buy and hold...my guess it doubles in 1 years
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Ip Man
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Serious question: Why would it double?
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serious answer- 1 - cost cutting CEO. 2. Ad rates up for vendors. 3. Subscribers almost doubled.. What else you need for a great brand...anyway...all is my opinion plus some money put in it...you do your own DD...and make your own call....This is just FYI post..on my part..

Also - Liberty Media's (Owners of XM Radio) current preferred stock investment in Pandora will convert to common shares at a price of $10.50 per share - so the current market price for shares is half of what Liberty Media thought was a good deal for them. They made that investment less than a year ago...Does that mean they think the stock is worth at least $10.5?
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Ip Man
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I am a newbie for stocks. Just started investing.
I have started with low risk stocks like MSFT, AMZN.
Recently invested some in NVDA, BABA, MOMO and some low cost high risk biotech.
When I wait for the stock to go down, it goes up and when I think I am missing the party and invest, the stock comes down.
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Buy and hold SNAP. It will be like FB in few years.
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Watch AKER, NVAX, BPMAX, SQ for next week. I think AKER is gonna be hot next week. I got in at .38, and sold at .57. I'll buy and hold at around .48 or even .50. These biotech companies have been extremely profitable for me. MYO is also good investment, but it might be little late to get in. I got in at 3.72 yesterday.

UPDATE: AKER & BPMAX both 40% up

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Did anyone listened to me? AKER and BPMAX both up by 40% as of now. SQ is 5% up, but it's not worth the risk. Keep eye on ATOS. It might be like AKER soon.
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@ggrurung1 i heard you.. bought both AKER and ATOS.
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I've been buying GS, C, FB, GOOG, AMZN, SHOP, ANTM, QQQ, SPY, HD, AMAT and PYPL, lately, usually get a solid return from these. I would stay away from exotic biotech stocks, most of these seem like pump and dump schemes.
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Pandora up a dollar...since earnings day.......Pandora is here to stay for another several years....And that's is good for the economy...
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Even after reading this post I was way too skeptical about Pandora. Do you think it is okay to buy it right now?

I got BPMX at .32. Was expecting it to rise by a few cents today. Guess I have to keep holding it for some more days
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@ tauruzz I got out of both AKER and BMPX with over 70% profit. I got back in AKER at .59, and I will be holding it for a while. I kinda regret selling BMPX at .29, but I got nice profit from EARS and JAGX. There are many better opportunities than P. TCON is one of them. There are many catalysts to come in 2018 for it. It has potential to reach $15+ by the end of 2018.
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@ggurung...congrats bro...and good luck for other picks as well. I picked P as I followed it but I wish I picked yours too but didn't. There are many great bio tech stocks I know and I think some investors make great profit from picking up right bio tech stocks that can provide health care solution to existing issues....I have followed some bio tech investors recently and they have liked the following stocks and they think these stocks are worth more than current price....


Ok just these 3.... the guys I've followed on twitter are

@skaushi ‏
Focus on bio/tech stocks. Fitness enthusiast. Love Dogs! Love my home town Coimbatore! Love my Porsche

@haodongvli ‏
Scientist, Entrepreneur, Investor specializing in Biotech

@DewDiligence ‏
Professional portfolio manager and director of private foundation; former tournament backgammon player / author.

Check their tweets sometime....and my bad I didn't follow yours...if you could add few lines on what are the catalysts on the stocks you like...then it makes easier to follow....but still....great return for you so quick.....

@tauruzz - I think P is a good buy...you know...smart phones are on everyone's hand and internet on phone is with everyone...now a days.....and i hear Geico ads now a days when I listen to Pandora...and since the phones drain battery....we are stuck wtih only few apps....and many of people like me...will stick with pandora...coz ...it plays music.... and also....subskription rate is up almost 100%......because...paying $5 today...is cheaper to subscribers than 5 years ago....Today, minimum wage is up a lot since 5 years ago...the value of $5 is less today than 5 years ago....subskription price will go up in future..ad rates will go up in future...and they'll do podcast soon..etc..I think Pandora is here to stay...but who knows what the future is gonna be...so buy at your own conscience ...whatever you buy..good luck...also..do follow these bio tech investor names....and may be buy $100 to $1000 worth of stocks...(multiple names they share)...like buy $100 worth of X, another $100 worth of Y and so on...to see if their tweets are worth following...and ...see how it does for you in several months..(following these biotech investors)...if it works..add more ...if it doesn't buy something else...good luck.....These stocks ..RVNC costs..$34 per share... ESER costs $80 per share and OMER costs $11 per share...

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@regidk Thanks bro. Here is the link. https://www.biopharmcatalyst.com/company/tcon Check drug informations or you can also check here https://www.biopharmcatalyst.com/calendars/fda-calendar too.
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Thanks...I've put the link on favs...but will follow your posts.. . SQ is a great company that you shared..which is not biotech...
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