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TPS travel document lost while abroad
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Hello everyone,
I am in a situation here. I traveled to Nepal from USA on Oct  and then travelled to Australia. I am trying to return USA now and just found out i have lost my TPS travel document. Do you guys have any idea or suggestion about what can i do next?Also, on travel document i wrote 0ct 2017 as expected return date but it is already February now, will that be any problem? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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I am really sorry for your condition.
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Take a infopass appointment in Nepal. It allows you to meet with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration officer.
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I am sorry there is no USCIS field office in Nepal. The nearest one from Nepal will be in New Delhi.
India - USCIS New Delhi Field Office

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thank you for your suggestion, i am at Australia right now and nearest place for appointment in Thailand. Anything else i can do?
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Only option from you is Infopass or enter the country with new visa.
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or go to the nearest us embassy and ask them to issue boarding foil. I am not sure they will issue for TPS. but I heard if Green card is lost or stolen, to the green card holder they issue boarding foil to enter country.
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Call uscis they might be able to tell you what to do
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They should have given you two copies of AP. You should have backed up but i think you will have to reapply for AP again.
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Call the nearest US embassy and explain the situation. I was in a similar situation where I lost my green card while visiting abroad, and the airline won't let me board the US flight. An officer of US government came to airport to meet me, and verified my identity. He let the airline know that I am clear to go to US, then I came here.
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