visa opportunity for Cyprus study
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There are number of genuine reasons for going to Cyprus.If you are looking to study in Europe,Cyprus can be the best destination to benefit you.
Ip Man
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May we know what are those "genuine" reasons for going to Cyprus?
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I can bet GLOBAL HR can't even locate where the cyprus is located in the map.
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Thank you for the message.Please go through the following reasons to know more about studying in Cyprus.Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.Thanks again.

-A European Country

-Very Low Tuition Fees ( Euro-4000/yr)

-Pay after visa

- Scholarship


-Gap and less percentage in academics accepted

-Paid internship for Hotel Management students

-100% VISA assured

- College in Nicosia (The capital city of Cyprus)

- Wide range of Courses

-Credit Transfer to other countries

-20 hours working rights per week

- Visa refused students also can apply
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No thank you, I will just live in America. 'Murica f@#k Yeah!!!
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What is "pay after visa"?
Pay to who??
Ip Man
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Euro 4000/year just for tuition is cheap?? No its not.
On top of that I guess, it will costs you for lodging and food.
Even though its a European country, its an island.

Are we still stupid to go for study in these country just to spend money? Why?? Just because it is European. I will no pay such money even if its USA or Australia.
Education in Nepal is more better and cheaper than these countries.
I think finishing bachelor in Nepal should be encouraged.
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This is obviously to pay for college tuition fees after visa.

We can see many logic and arguments about studying abroad.We are not saying that Nepal is not right country to study in,however many students go to abroad for their higher studies.It depends on individual understanding.Many students go to India,does it mean that we have no better education in our country ? This is individual prospective.There are many strong reasons that we can analyse about abroad studies if we can be unbiased in our analysis.In compare with expenses, there is less expensive fees in Cyprus than India but high value added degrees over there.Therefore,we should respect the rights of their choice rather than being unnecessarily critical.All things go with students' interest and choices.We are here only to give those choices and they can pick up choice as per their circumstances not by compelling them.
Thank you.
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