New Crypto Currency Exchange
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Dear Sajha members,
Seems like there will be a new crypto exchange coming soon. Please take a look and if anyone decide to sign up, i have included the link below... Looks promising...
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This exchange looks to be promising with advanced and easy to use features. Damn i missed the $500 bonus sign up. Click here to register..
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What's the point signing up now,since $500 is up n there r thousands out there....why you think it's promising?...u 2 shark want referral money right
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Please take a look on the website, as i found interesting and shared with the community members.

Please accept my apology if that hurt you Drogba

As far as your comment, regarding the referral; i do not believe it is coming out from your paycheck, correct?
so,Th should be NONE of your business

There are so many new people who are looking for the platform that is the reason i have posted the link


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Lol...what is interesting that u found..i have binance, hitbtc, kucoin,, cryptopia,coinbase aka gdax,gemini,,, couple of ico ...can u pls enlighten me what u found interesting on this then we already r right it is not coming out of my pocket...are you sharing if anyone uses your referral...the thing is I don't prey on referral...many who knows coin they already know the platform...let's not prey on referral...there is couple of post already out here about crypto if u missed...I m surprised u did not post all those n asked to join new one.
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Here is a good coin coming up in the market...its called TRF...travelflex...the prospect looks really good....Here is my referral link I get get a little bit more if you use it. Again, its your hard earned your research before you spend it.
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