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naturalized US citizen thinking to return back nepal
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Milann Mania
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just wondering dual citizenship is allowed with new legislation,
can i stay, work or business start up back in Nepal once naturalized ?
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Sahara Koirala
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ya u can do anything except government job in nepal
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When did new legislation happen? Don’t think any thing is there yet.
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sahara koirala, are you a naturalized citizen?
Milann Mania
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ya, thinking to apply citizenship, but a huge dilemma,
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if you have lots of property back in Nepal, think before you apply US citizenship. Nepali government changes their rule every time there's a change in leadership. They're making it strict for foreign citizenship holders now.

If you have US citizenship, you'll need visa to stay in Nepal. You and your kids are not eligible for any government jobs. Nepal doesn't allow dual citizenship as of right now.
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If u don't naturalized then you can be detained and deported . Look at what happened to polish doc after 40 yrs on gc
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I am trying to understand your statement. I failed to understand clearly. Both sentences are unclear.

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NepaliBhai, sidaNepali is right and the statements are clear as crystal. As a gc holder and not a citizen you risk detestation and deportation in many cases. Google polish doc's case. or just click the link posted by nyeshangguy.
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* detention
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Bit out of topic... Do you need to mention if you have judgement against you while filing Citizenship? I have judgement against me in small claim court due to accident happened 8 years ago?
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I think you should pursue your dream and go for it, as long as you have source of regular income back in Nepal you should be good to go. Once you naturalized you have no restriction coming back. You can do business and work except gov jobs in Nepal so no need to fear. Even if you have a lot of property back in Nepal, you could get NRN card. What is the worst case scenario ? you need to pick one, either to stay in Nepal or come back to US. I don't see anything wrong with either but it is your choice, which one to choose and which gives more happiness to you and your family. You can get everything in Nepal if you have a money!! Good luck and please keep us posted, so more ppl get motivated to live in our own country with pride and respect!!


Milann Mania
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@Sarokar: I am referring to whether apply or not for citizenship, because I may loose Nepali citizenship. Its clear now. BTW, which field you applied so they look into 8 years old small court case? I feel citizenship should be straightforward at least few cases i saw.
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