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नेपालमा भोलि देखि चाइनाबाट पनि इन्टरनेट आउने
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KATHMANDU: Nepal will receive internet bandwidth from China from tomorrow, ending the Himalayn nation's sole dependence on India for connecting to the cyber space.

State-owned telecom company Nepal Telecom (NT) said that all the groundwork has been completed to formally connect Nepal with Chinese bandwidth from January 12.

"The process of acquiring internet bandwidth from China has been completed. The commercial operation of the Nepal- China optical fibre link will begin from Friday," said Prativa Baidhya, spokesperson for NT.

However, NT did not disclose the actual volume of Chinese internet bandwidth that Nepal will receive.

The details will be made public after a formal inauguration tomorrow, she added.

In December 2016, NT had reached an agreement with China Telecom to acquire internet bandwidth. NT had begun the test transmission of the project from the first week of September last year.

With successful test transmission, Nepal will now be commercially connected with Chinese bandwidth, according to the official.

Chinese internet will be supplied via Rasuwagadhi gateway, according to sources at NT.

As the use of Internet has been increasing rapidly in the country, Chinese internet bandwidth is taken as an alternative source for Nepal to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demand, she said.

The commercial operation of the Chinese bandwidth project will end Nepal's sole dependence on India for internet bandwidth.

Nepal is currently linked to the global internet connectivity through Indian telecom operators via different optical fibre connections in Biratnagar, Bhairahawa and Birgunj, among others, the Himalayn Times reported.

Besides ending the monopoly of bandwidth supply, the Chinese Internet gateway is also expected to facilitate service providers in Nepal to establish bandwidth connection with other countries via China.

Though NT is purchasing limited volume of Internet from China in the first phase, the company will increase the volume of Chinese internet gradually in the coming days.
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भोलि देखि अनहोनी हुने भयो त इन्टरनेट हेर्दा चाइनिजमा अक्षर आएपछि इन्टरनेट चलाउन गारो हुने भयो
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Dherai khushi ko khabaar. Bistarai bistari Bharatiya akadhikar bistarai kam gardai lanu parcha... Jun party le gareko bhaye pani dhanyabad ko patra hunu huncha uhaharu..

Nepal ani Nepali ko jaya hosh
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Great News. Bringing more option will decrease the dependency on one nation and furthermore it will create competition so that costumers will benefits.
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Nepal needs Chinese railroad freight and passenger -- more than Chinese Internet...When is the rail from Beijing coming to Lumbini via Kathamdnu, on its way to Bombay with loads and loads of shipments ... Nepal transforms from a land locked country to the land bridge country...Helping Nepal become the headquarter of mega Indian and Chinese companies doing business with each other...Let's pray for that kind of a development to happen in our lifetime...The best days of Nepal will come again..just don't know when....Can only hope it happens soon. During Malla Dynasty, Nepal was a rich country, according to history books..It can happen again...We just need a little push from our neighbors.
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