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TPS Extension Nepal 2018 Efforts:
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Friends, As we know that recently TPS for Salvador has been terminated. We have TPS expiration date on June 24. There are not many activities taking place to further renew TPS of Nepal. Let's not stay quiet, it is our responsibility to put pressure on our government/ambassadors to take action in time. All the Nepalese( TPS holder+Non-holder), let's be active, come together, think how we can draw the attention of our government/ambassadors regarding this before it gets too late. I have listed some events which are going to take place in New York area for TPS discussion on this month. If you are near Newyork please participate in the events. Also, we have various Nepalese groups around the US, many of us are associated with these organizations. Let's make these groups active, have discussions, spread the news before it gets too late.
Additional information about the following events can be found on this facebook group page: and be the member of this group to stay updated about TPS
if you know any events in your place, please share. Thank you

Please follow these links to see the events taking place 1. https://www.facebook.com/events/199770187255214/

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Why to renew TPS, what is the imminent danger to people of Nepal, if they return back home?
Khai ko khai ko
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Why not to renew? What is your problem if renewed meraj. Chahidaina chup lagera base huncha. Chahine lai tha cha kina chahincha. Ghar bar bihin hou ani tha huncha. Chahine bhanda badhi bolna jaruri chaina
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Meraj is mentally sick probably a sadist who masturbates every night thinking about hard times and sufferings tps beneficiaries might go through
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Seriously @Meraj ?
I am not in TPS... neither anyone I know, but you really are sick and jealous ...
Khai ko khai ko
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What happened today. Can someone provide some information.
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Don’t know bro!but they started accepting daca
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I think we need to relay the message to our representatives that if DV program posses the threat for national security then it will be a good idea to allow those green cards to TPS holders who have been living here for a long time following all rules and also paying tax. This is very simple to understand and this will add more legal labor force to the US labor market.
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some updates:

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